Skin Whitening Home Remedies

People want to lighten their skin for many reasons. Some of them only want to achieve a lighter color and have a fair skin tone, while others are only interest in solving a skin condition, like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, melasma, aging spots, acne marks, old scars, etc. Today I’m going to show you some skin whitening home remedies that will help you achieve your desired goal.

The reasons are different, but the objective is the same, whitening the skin and diminish the melanin production. Nowadays you can find amazing skin lightening creams that can lighten your skin tone, and help you treating your skin problems. The pharmaceutical industry makes every day more progress, creating excellent products with harmless, safe, and natural ingredients.

It’s important to not forget that even if there are new, expensive and incredible products, capable of treating your skin conditions and give you the healthy skin you dream about, a little bit of patience is crucial to get what you want.

These skin whitening products are good but not magical, it takes time to get the results you so desperately wish. In order to help your skin lightening cream to do their job, you can try some other simple methods. I’m talking about skin whitening home remedies.

Most people don’t know they have in their kitchen, a bunch of natural skin whitening ingredients that can help, not only seasoning their food, but also making them look better.

Not all home remedies for skin whitening work the same for everybody, that is why you have to try several of them to identify which one is better for your skin. These skin whitening home remedies are easy to do and can really whiten your skin if you do it regularly.

Skin whitening home remedies are not time-consuming. I have tried multiples remedies to whiten some areas of my skin at home, and they work excellent combined with a good whitening cream. I have a huge list to share with you, but I’m just going to show you the ones that have worked the best for me.

Best Skin Whitening Home Remedies

#1 – Lemon

Applying lemon juice on your skin a few times a day can brighten your skin, because lemon has bleaching action.

Lemon juice can remove dead skin cells from your epidermis. It can fade dark spots and give you an even skin.

Lemon Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Lemon Remedy #1: 

Squeeze a lemon, dip a cotton ball in it and apply it directly in your skin. Repeat several times daily until you get a whitening result in your skin. Never ever go out to the sun with lemon on your skin, or you’ll get the opposite result.


Lemon Remedy #2:

Make a paste using: 1 tsp of milk, 1 tsp of almond oil, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice.

Mix all those ingredients and put it on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse it with cold water.

#2 – Yogurt

Yogurt Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Plain white yogurt has lactic acid, an ingredient with natural skin lightening effects. You can apply the yogurt directly in your skin, or also add orange peel powder or lemon juice. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

Repeat the same treatment every day.

#3 – Almond and Milk

Almond and Milk Skin Whitening Home RemediesGet 4 almonds and let it soak in a glass of water overnight. Grind up the almonds, make a powder and mix it with milk until you get a paste. Put it on your face and leave it overnight, repeat during 15 days.

#4 – Potato

Potato Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties, it can be used in different ways:

1. Place slices of potatoes in your face for 20 minutes, or
2. Blend a potato and apply the paste you get in your face. Leave it for 20 minutes. Great treatment for blemish, scars and dark spots.

#5 – Turmeric mask

Turmeric, Milk and Fluor reduces dark circles

Turmeric is known worldwide for its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It’s an excellent agent getting rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Turmeric can give a fresh and natural glow to your skin.

Get 1 tsp of Turmeric powder, 1 tsp of flour and mix them in milk until you get a paste. Apply it on your skin for about 15-20 minutes then wash it off.

Recommended to use 1 or 2 times in a month.

Have fun! But Remember, Every Excess is Bad

Natural skin whitening remedies are very helpful to restore health in your skin. To get results using only natural whitening remedies you need to be persistent and constant. I think they are great, but they definitely work faster if you also combine them with your best skin whitening cream. Enjoy making your own skin whitening home remedies and flaunting a gorgeous and attractive skin.

Skin Bleaching Or Skin Whitening?

Usually, people ask me what is the difference between skin whitening products and skin bleaching products. At first I thought that the words were just synonyms and I used them for the same purpose every time. Having read and learned a lot about this topic, I realized that skin whitening and skin bleaching are not only very different words, but the whole concept behind them is complicated.

The difference between skin whitening and skin bleaching products is not only in the amount of harmful ingredients they contain, the difference lies in what your goal is.

Skin whitening creams are usually used to solve skin conditions. I’m talking about dark spots, scars marks, acne marks, sun spots, etc. On the other side, skin bleaching products like pills and injections are used by people looking for a dramatic change, people who want their skin completely lightened.

Skin problems are very commons, remember, skin is the most sensitive organ in our body and it can get damaged pretty easy. We can always try to hide how we feel, but how we look,  is something you just can’t hide.

Skin problems can make us feel very insecure and unhappy. Since we get our first spot in the puberty we become obsessed about getting rid of acne, trying everything to eliminate stretch marks, scars, and dark spots.

Skin Whitening CreamSkin Whitening Product Ingredients

Melanin has a very important role regarding our skin color. An overproduction of melanin can lead to dark spots, though that’s not the only cause. Dark spots may be caused by many reasons: UV lights can produce sunspots, aging, hormone changes, skin hyperpigmentation disorder, acne, etc.

Some spots can vanish with time like acne spots, but most of them need something that inhibits the melanin production to disappear.

Is Hydroquinone Safe For My Skin?

One the most used ingredients is hydroquinone, though it was banned in Europe and Australia. The FDA also revoked the use of hydroquinone explaining they couldn’t allow the sale of a potential carcinogen.

It’s said that hydroquinone in high dosage could cause skin cancer, because it makes the skin more vulnerable to UV rays. But even with all those warnings, hydroquinone seems to be the most powerful ingredient to get rid of skin hyperpigmentation. A lot of people keep using it. I wouldn’t recommend it, but as I always say, is up to you.

Are There Alternatives To Hydroquinone That Really Work?

Hydroquinone is not the only ingredient that can eliminate dark spots. In fact, there are other natural strong ingredients that have shown to work wonderfully, giving you an even skin tone.

Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, and Mulberry Extract are natural ingredients, that combined with alpha hydroxyl acids can delivered excellent results. They can eliminate all dark spots, freckles, sun spots, scars marks, acne marks etc.

An excellent skin lightening cream, and probably the most popular with many natural ingredients is Meladerm Skin Lightening.

Skin Bleaching Product Ingredients

In many countries across south-east Asia, fairer skin is linked with high class, success, and social status. In those countries, to talk about skin lightening is not to talk about getting rid of some dark spots or having an even skin tone. In those countries, like Philippines, Malaysia and India, they just want to go several shades lighter.

Skin Bleaching

To achieve the desired fair skin, people use whitening injections and whitening pills. The key ingredient in those skin bleaching products is glutathione, a strong antioxidant, which is said to have dangerous side effects.

This is a polemic subject, many people assure all those bad comments are related with the high amount of fake glutathione products sold nowadays. Also, many people say it’s a waste of money and time to take glutathione pills, because they won’t be absorbed by your system. Others claim to have had very good results with products like the famous Kyusoku Bihaku Whitening Pills.

As you see this is confusing and no one can assure if it’s worth it or not.

I Recommend Skin Whitening Creams

Bleaching and whitening products are definitely not the same thing and don’t have the same purpose. I know many safe products that can even your skin tone and give you a healthy and glowing skin using only natural and safe ingredients. From my personal opinion there is no need to be drastic if you can have wonderful results with well known and harmless products.

Meladerm Skin Lightening has proven to be a great skin lightening cream, visit official website for more info. Also check the list of the Best Skin Lightening Creams.


Best Skin Lightening Cream – Avoid Bleaching

It seems that many people is looking lately for the best skin lightening cream. A lot of bad experiences out there with other skin lightening products that claim to be the best skin lightening cream. So everybody wants to know what skin lightening cream to use, which one is not going to hurt them, but actually do their job, to lighten our skin. Before continue, please avoid skin bleaching creams and hydroquinone.

I have a very nice relationship with my readers. We have like a special bond, when the products I recommend work, I ask them to share their experiences. That way I can corroborate that the product I’m reviewing is working for everyone and I can share with new readers, other people experiences.

One of my top satisfied friends is Anne, today I’m going to share with you her experience with Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream and Revitol Skin Brightener Cream.

Anne’s story using the best skin lightening creams

Anne is 24 years old and she recently noticed that her skin was getting darker in the area of her temples and the exterior of her cheeks. At first she tried to ignore it and don’t give too much importance to this. She convince herself that it was related to the sun or something temporary.

After a few weeks she saw that the dark spots were still there. Not knowing what to do, she went to the dermatologist. She explained everything about skin hyperpigmentation and how she should proceed to treat her dark spots.

She suggested several skin lightening creams with a low percent of hydroquinone, which is a strong inhibitor of melanin production.

Her dermatologist recommended Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion, Obagi Nu-Derm System and Reverse skin lightening treatment.

Anne decided to try Reverse skin lightening treatment, because she thought that as it was more expensive, it should be the best.

More expensive is not always more quality

After using Reverse skin lightening treatment for two months, she didn’t notice any difference, she was very disappointed and frustrated. She started studying and looking for new options. Anne learned how many people were concerned about using hydroquinone, so she eliminated all possibility of using any product with hydroquinone or any strong ingredient.

Then she discovered Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream and Revitol Skin Brightener Cream in my previous post Best Skin Lightening Cream.

These two, are the best skin lightening creams you can find nowadays. Capable to treating most skin problems related with hyperpigmentation.

For me the best, and the one I have heard more successful results is Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream, but I can say that Revitol Skin Brightener, also works pretty good.

Both are excellent products, hydroquinone free, no harmful ingredients, no sides effects or down sides.


Anne results after 3 weeks with Meladerm

Anne was so desperate that she purchased both, Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream and Revitol Skin Brightener. She started with Meladerm, 3 times daily for 2 month. In 3 weeks she started noticing that the spots were fading away.

After those two months, she added Revitol to her daily routine. So she was using Meladerm Skin Lightening two times a day, and  Revitol Skin Brightener Cream before going to bed.

She was so happy and thankful, that she emailed me to share her experience with the best skin lightening creams according to my list. Today I’m doing the same with you. Now, keep in mind that you don’t need to use both creams, you pick one, you decide what is the best for you, they both do the same. I personally prefer Meladern Skin Lightening Cream, but you know what’s better for you.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Benefits

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream has been a blessing for a lot of people. It has become so popular that feel comfortable buying it, because everybody knows it works.

Meladerm is a completely safe and natural product. You can find in it, important vitamins like C, A, and E, which makes it a product capable of nourish and cure your skin problems. Meladerm Skin Lightening  is the right alternative to choose, avoid any treatment or product with hydroquinone.

This skin lightening cream can help you get rid of dark spots, acne marks, melasma, old scars, freckles, age spots, sun spots, and uneven skin tone. I’m not the only one saying that this works, the results speak for themselves.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Before and After

Best Skin Lightening Cream

Images taken from Meladerm website.
More testimonials at Civant Skin Care.

The Decision is Yours, but Please Avoid Bleaching

Both options are amazing, Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream and Revitol Skin Brightener Cream are the best in the market.

If you are struggling with any of these problems, forget about bleaching treatments, chemical peels, or aggressive treatments like lasers, that can be costly and painful. If you are not yet convinced take your time, do your research, you’ll see I’m talking with facts, Meladerm and Revitol Skin Brightener Cream really work, they are really the best skin lightening creams you can find.

Is Dermology Skin Lightening Cream a Good Choice?

The reason why I have been talking lately about skin lightening cream, is because, skin issues like dark spots, scar marks, uneven skin tone, etc, are very common. People spend hundreds of dollars trying to find a good skin lightening cream and they end up very disappointed. The results they claim are not always real.

During the adolescence or even when we experiment the first signs of aging, our skin is the first organ to set the alarm. Dark spots, wrinkles and dry skin, appear during the adulthood. Pimples, acne scars, and redness in the adolescence.

My purpose today is to open your eyes, to high quality skin lightening cream. This skin lightening cream does a great job at solving all those problems with your skin. This excellent and natural cream will be your Holy Grail. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Well, keep reading.

What is Dermology Skin Lightening Cream?

Dermology is a very successful company who has had a tremendous results, thanks to their very effective, safe and reliable products. Dermology Skin Lightening Cream ingredients are all naturals. Unlike other skin lightening creams, Dermology contains no hydroquinone, or any other dangerous ingredient, like for mercury.

Dermology Skin Lightening Cream contains plant-based ingredients, such us arbutin (an extract of the bearberry plant), shea butter, allantoin (a comfrey plant extract), primrose oil, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamins A, C, and E. Another active ingredient is lumiskin. Lumiskin helps lightening the appearance of the skin and promoting more even-looking skin tone.

There are multiple results, showing that Dermology Skin Lightening Cream is great to get rid of your dark spots and acne marks. Also it’s a great choice if you have uneven skin tone. Dermology will be helpful brightening your skin and it will give you a healthy appearance.

African Artist Speaks Openly About Lightening Her Skin

How does Dermology Skin Lightening Cream compares to the competition?

I have compared what I think are the best skin lightening creamsDermology Skin Brightener Cream and Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream are the most convincing options. Both systems combine natural ingredients. They both do an excellent job eliminating skin discoloration including melasma, dark age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.

You would be very surprised listening testimonies about the results obtained with Dermology Skin Lightening Cream. This is not a harmful skin lightening product, you won’t experience any skin peeling, nor irritation. Dermology provides sun protection, skin-tightening and moisturizing effects.

Results are clearly visible in only two weeks

Dermology skin brightener cream is a promising product, not only because its reputation, but also thanks to the ingredients that it contains. You should experience significant results within the first two weeks using Dermology.

Of course that depends on what are you using it for, sometimes it may take a bit longer. In order to get the best effects, you should put it on constantly. You should apply Dermology skin lightening cream two times per day, in the morning and before you go to bed.

If you are ready to listen the most flattering comments about your skin, you must use Dermology. Patience, determination and persistence will be necessary but, at the end, you will see the wonderful results. ACT NOW and see the results in only two weeks.

After using Dermology Skin Lightening Cream for a month or two you will be throwing away your mascara. Dermology will be your new makeup routine before going out to work.

Argan Oil and Skin Lightening Creams – Stop Time

Is this what I need? Is this as good as it claims to be? Will this truly make my skin look younger, soft, healthier and fresh? The answer is yes, yes, yes. Argan Oil and Skin Lightening Cream are not too good to be true, these products are good, period. Nobody can deny it, they are proven, thoroughly tested. It’s a fact, Argan Oil and Skin Lightening Cream can help you defy age. MeladermEssence of Argan oil, Idrotherapy, right, you know them already.

Do you know the Benefits of Argan Oil for your skin? Do you really want to know?

From the beginning of time, one of women biggest concerns has been aging. We dream with the rejuvenating elixir. All women fantasize with the eternal beauty, like an alchemist seeks for the Philosopher’s stone.

Nowadays, the closest approach the humanity has made to that dream, has been the Liquid Gold. Yes, Argan Oil, and in some cases, combined with a Skin Lightening Cream.

What makes Argan Oil so great to be called Liquid Gold

Argan Oil has gain popularity because of its properties to reduce fine lanes, wrinkles and decrease the appearance of crow’s feet (wrinkles under the eyes). Argan Oil moisturizes your skin and protects you against drying. Argan Oil also prevents premature aging.

The liquid gold is a great source of vitamin E, one of the strongest natural antioxidants.

I’ve been using Essence of Argan oil for my hair for a while and I love it. But in the epic battle against aging, Essence of Argan works better together with Idrotherapy. I got it for my mom of course. I wrote about Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy a few days ago. You can check here.

Argan Oil Anti-Aging Benefits

Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy

Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy

But your question of course would be:  Is this real? Do you really know any real testimonial?

My grandma is 85 years old, and she has always been very feminine. She likes to take care of her hair, and her skin. But you know, “years take their toll”, and it’s something almost impossible to fight against, specially when you are 85 years old.

Her hands are wrinkled and she has many Dark Age Spots. Also her skin is too thin and she is always bleeding with every rubbing. She has seen many dermatologists and they have recommended many skin lightening creams that can help. The problem is, that many of these skin lightening creams have hydroquinone, and she didn’t like that idea.

How is my granny fighting against time

After I started with this blog, I have learned about many good Skin Lighteing Creams and Anti-Aging products. I wanted to help my grandma with that problem, once and for all. So I gave her three products I have been reviewing constantly, because they are great buys. I was sure these Skin Lightening Creams, combined with Argan Oil, would help her a lot.

She has been using these products for 3 month and everybody has noticed the extraordinaire change. Now her skin is much more moisturized, and her Dark Age Spots are disappearing.

Thanks to the Argan Oil and its vitamin E, the wounds and marks in her arms are vanishing, and every day it gets better. This systems it’s infallible, with this combination, you will be definitely winning the battle.

My grandma Anti-Aging products

Get My Free Trial of Essence of Argan OilStep 1 – Argan Oil

Get My Free Trial of IdrotherapyStep 2 – Idrotherapy

Granny’s Skin Lightening Cream

Remember that Argan Oil and Skin Lightening Creams are not only for elder people. You should treat yourself as you deserve and start acting already. It’s always great to have a great skin tone, moisturized, healthy. Essence of Argan oil, Idrotherapy and Meladerm can really help to get the perfect skin.

Important: Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy should be use together to get the best results
Skin Lightening

7 Best Skin Lightening Creams

Skin Lightening Creams and Skin Whitening Creams are one of the most popular and wanted products in our time. Do you know what are the best skin lightening creams?

The pharmaceutical industry has made its best efforts trying to make skin lightening products safer, by attempting to reduce any side effects, or traumatic experiences with their usage.

Nowadays, many celebrities want to achieve their ideal skin color making use of extreme skin lightening treatments, like for example, Glutathione Injections. These procedures are popular mainly in Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The question is… Is Glutathione or any other of those injections, SAFE???

I haven’t tried them, so I can’t be 100% sure. But what I do know is, about many of their side effects and complications, like hair lost, depression and anxiety, kidney failure, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

Then, why to take the risk if we have in our hands many excellent and even natural products that can give us a healthy, glowing and even skin. Why to threaten our health, if we have options. My purpose today is to open up your eyes and introduce you to my favorite skin lightening creams.

7 Best Skin Lightening Creams:

Meladerm Skin Lightening

Meladerm Skin Lightening

#1 – Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

As you can see through my blog (here) and others, Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream is considered as one of the best Skin Lightening Creams in the market nowadays.

This product really works. “Meladerm has the role of suppressing the formation of melanin by reducing the actions of tyrasinase”. Results results can be seen within 2-4 weeks.

This extraordinaire product can eliminate any type of skin discoloration caused by age or acne spots, melasma, freckles, acne marks, old scars, dark knees, underarms, elbows. It’s a safe product, with no hydroquinone, no steroids, no mercury or any other harmful ingredient.

If you’re reading this, because you are trying to decide which Skin Lightening cream is the best to buy, my opinion is, look no further. Dermology or Meladerm should be your choice. Of course, the decision is all your, but Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream is really my #1 Recommendation.

Dermology Skin Brightening Cream

Dermology Skin Brightening Cream

#2 – Dermology Skin Brightening Cream

Dermology Skin Lightening Cream is a very popular these days. Besides helping you to get rid of your marks and skin discolorations, Dermology Skin Brightening Cream, also maintains your skin soft and moisturized.

This treatment has gained its fame thanks to their safe and natural ingredients. It contain Arbutin, Lumiskin, Promrose oil, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Dermology Skin Brightening Cream also has a 90 days money back guarantee program. I can tell that this isn’t an ordinary product, even if you don’t see the results overnight, give it a month and you will see. I highly recommend this skin lightening cream.

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

#3 – Mario Badescu Skin Whitening Mask

I love, love, love this one, is great, I have to say excellent, for hyperpigmentation, particularly for age spots and acne marks. This skin lightening mask makes your skin brighten and eliminates all the redness.

Contains ingredients like Kojic Acid, Licorice, Mulberry , no Alpha Hydroxy acids, making it safe for any skin type. It doesn’t make your skin extra oily or dry; in fact you will be experiencing moisturized skin.

Nadinola Fade Cream

Nadinola Fade Cream

#4 – Nadinola Fade Cream

Contain 3% hydroquinone

The only issue with this product is the hydroquinone. Besides that, I have heard about wonderful results about Nadinola Fade Cream. It can help you get rid of scars and acne marks. Works really fast and is very affordable. Nadinola Fade Cream is a good skin lightening cream, It works very fast.

My suggestion is, to use it until you get the results want. Then switch to another skin lightening product, like a skin lightening soap or other skin lightening cream. I wouldn’t recommend to use it for a long time. Read more about hydroquinone here, to see why.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

#5 – Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream

This is amazing, it’s a pricey Skin Lightening cream but totally worth it. It helps you mostly in getting rid of your dark eye circles. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing also helps you to achieve an even skin tone and eliminate freckles.

You can expect results in 3 month. It’s an expensive product, and possibly a little hard to find. It contain Vitamin C and plant extracts. Sheisheido is an excellent skin lightening cream, and it works for all skin types. It’s also a really, really good moisturizer.

Obagi Nu-Derm System

Obagi Nu-Derm System

#6 – Obagi Nu-Derm  System

This product has obtained great success due their good results, claims to be a great system.

I have read, and heard many good comments and testimonies about Obagi Nu-Derm System. It’s a good system to get rid of acne marks a hyperpigmentation. You have to be aware that it has hydroquinone and it’s focused in the skin renewal. That means that you will be experimenting peeling, redness, and itching. Even though, it’s a great system.

I recommend you to get some professional medical assistance if you want to try it. Obagi Nu-Derm System is very irritating and burns. But with time, you will get great results. If you want something drastic, then Obagi Nu-Derm System is what you’re looking for.

Paul and Joe Whitening Serum

Paul and Joe Whitening Serum

#7 – Paul and Joe Whitening Serum

This serum doesn’t work specifically whitening your skin tone, but it does correct the imperfections and marks in your face. Paul and Joe Whitening Serum make your skin tone even, and help you with redness, eliminate acne marks, and sun spots.

Now the choice is yours, just be careful

I hope this article can help you to choose the best skin lightening cream for you, depending on what you want, how fast you want it, and the risk you’re willing to take. This is my list of the best skin lightening products I think you can trust out there right now. The decision is all yours, my only goal is to provide you with the right information, for you to make the right call.

As of today, these are the top rated skin lightening creams in the market, but honestly, I would only go for Dermology Skin Brightening Cream or Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream, in that order.

If you have any experience with skin lightening creams, please share it so we all know what works and what doesn’t. I know there are many skin lightening creams out there, and the market is growing, so maybe there are others skin lightening creams with better results than the ones listed above.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream – No Hydroquinone. Is it safe?

If you want to say “Good Bye, Au revoir, Arrivederci”, to your dark spots, melasma, acne marks, aging marks and even scars marks, allow me to introduce you, to an amazing skin lightening cream. But not just any skin lightening cream, this one has been delivering the best result to customers. I’m talking about Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream. Guess what… no hydroquinone, cool right? What is that? You’ll find out soon.

Already know what Melasma is?

Melasma (also known as “Chloasma faciei” or the mask of pregnancy when present in pregnant women) is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications. It is also prevalent in men and women of Native American descent (on the forearms) and in men and women of German/Russian and Jewish descent (on the face).[wiki]

Melasma is commonly found in the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead. Read more about melasma here.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream – brand new Lighter and Even Skin

Meladerm Skin Lightening

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

Meladerm Skin Lightening cream is a completely safe product to use.

As I said previously in a recent article (check here),  Meladerm Skin Lightening cream has been thoroughly tested. It has been a total success. Meladerm Skin Lightening cream has been delivering happiness and confidence to many people, for years.

Meladerm Skin Lightening cream has no hydroquinone, no mercury, no steroids or any other harmful bleaching substances.

Why is “No Hydroquinone” so important?  What is that Hydroquinone thing?

Skin Lightening Cream Hydroquinones


In its time, Hydroquinone was the most used and effective ingredient to combat hyperpigmentation.

To get rid of dark spots, melasma, aging marks, and acne marks, all Skin Lightening creams used to contain hydroquinone. Recent studies have shown, that the long-term usage of hydroquinone, could be harmful for the skin. That is the reason why, nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry is focusing all their efforts, in the usage of natural ingredients. The results are extraordinaire.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream vs. Makeups?

Skin Lightening CreamIf you think about it, why should we spend hundreds of dollars in makeup, trying to make our skin look healthier, when we could get a high quality product, that can heal our skin in weeks. Is a Meladerm Skin Lightening cream the solution?

As you should know, the skin is an organ as well, our skin is like our sparkling wrapping paper, so… Why not to take a good care of it, and let our skin heal and get in good shape. Then make ourselves even prettier and have fun, using all the makeup in the entire world?


Win back your confidence with Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

Skin Lightening Give You Confidence

Skin Lightening Give You Confidence

With Meladerm Skin Lightening you will be recovering your confidence. You will be looking more beautiful and healthy, you will have even skin tone overnight. Meladerm Skin Lightening cream is definitely a great purchase. There is nothing to lose and a lot to win.

In my first article about Skin Lightening Creams (here), I mentioned I was going to get Meladerm because of their 30 Day Money Back, just to try it, see the results from myself. Well, my test period isn’t over yet, but I’m definitely keeping my Meladerm Skin lightening. For me it’s working very well.

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream – Before and After

I know, I also said before I would be posting Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream photos before and after, so you could see real results. I must apologize for that, I made a mistake. As soon as I got my order, I started testing it.

Skin Lightening2 Days, that was it, by the time I remembered about the Meladerm Before and After experiment, it was too late, the results were already visible, there was no Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream Before and After to show. I promise I’ll be more careful with that in the future.

If you have ever tired Melader Skin Lightening Cream, please share your results, help others. For those willing to take the last step and try it, I expect you to be coming back here and share how your experience was.

I highly recommend Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream, you can thank me later. No more dark spots, melasma, acne marks, aging marks and even scars marks. All gone, just clear, even, good-looking skin. Good luck!

Skin Lightening Cream – What’s the best – Meladerm?

Melanin Defines Skin Tones

Melanin is what Defines Skin Tones

Nowadays you see people talking about Skin Lightening Cream, Skin Whitening Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Skin Bleaching Cream. But what is all that buzz about?

Melanin is what determines our skin tone, it’s also found in our hair and eyes. It’s at the same time this pigment, the one in charge of protecting us from UV rays and skin cancer. But sometimes due to acne, scars or aging, our skin produces more melanin in certain spots. That’s the reason why we get those annoying skin marks we all hate, the marks we feel so insecure about.

How to reduce melanin in our skin?

Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening for Even and Clean Skin

Well, I kind of spoiled it at the beginning of this article, the answer is indeed Skin Lightening Cream, Skin Whitening Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Skin Bleaching Cream.

From the marketing side they all promise great results, which is not far from the reality, but be careful.

The most harmful chemical you can find in a skin lightening or bleaching cream is hydroquinone. Hydroquinone can lower your melanin too much and make you vulnerable to UV rays. So whatever you are going to use, check that it doesn’t have hydroquinone.

Meladerm Skin Lightening, NO hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or parabens

Meladerm Skin Lightening claims to be a very good product, and most important, seems to be perfectly safe. Meladerm works controlling the skin’s melanin formation, and can help with acne marks, old scars, dark spots, even skin discoloration. Meladerm Skin Lightening is made of safe ingredients and is dermatologically tested. It also reduces the appearance of dark eye circles.

I can’t confirm that Meladerm Skin Lightening works, as I haven’t tested it yet. But I’m definitely getting it, probably this week. I found a great offer here, they offer a 30 Day Money Back option, so I will just get it and see how it goes.

Meladerm Skin Lightening

Meladerm Skin Lightening

I’m getting Meladerm Skin Lightening because my biggest problem is the black eye circles. This is a problem I have tried to solve in so many ways and honestly, until today, my only solution has been my concealer.

I’m young so I don’t have any marks from aging, and luckily, I don’t have acne neither, but my dark eye circles kills me.

I heard very good opinions about Meladerm Skin Lightening from two friends of my mom. They said this is the only Skin Lightning Cream that has worked for them so far, so I think it’s worth to try it. Either way, I have nothing to lose, Meladerm Skin Lightening have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee policy, so if it doesn’t work for me, I can just return it.

So because of what they told me, I decided to do some research about Meladerm Skin Lightening. I also checked lot of other Skin Lightening products but at the end, everything led me to Meladerm. So yes, I’ll go for it, there is no doubt about it.

I’ll be taking images of my eyes before and after using Meladerm, and I’ll be writing a new article with the results.

Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening

Likas Papaya Herbal Skin Lightening Soap

Likas Papaya Herbal Skin Lightening Soap

This Skin Lightening soap is very, very good. You can see the results in just a few weeks. The only downside about Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening is that it dries your skin too much. If you are going for it, my advice is to get a good moisturizer for your face. Check here some recommendations about How to choose the Best Moisturizer.

Likas Papaya Soap is the best soap I have tried for Skin Lightening. Honestly, I saw the results in only one week.

I said before that Likas Papaya Soap shows results in a few weeks, that was just to be safe. You know, results are different for everybody. But for me, it was one week. Only one, it was a happy ending, well, not ending, because I’m still using Likas Papaya Soap.

I got this one first, because it’s the cheapest Skin Lightening among the options I’m mentioning here today. Probably that was the best decision, with Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening, my dark eye circles are gone.

Anyway, if what you want is fast results, and don’t overpay for it, check more reviews and prices about Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening here

POND’S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream, For Normal to Oily Skin

POND'S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream

POND’S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream

I love this product, I have seen the results from very close. My friend use to have these dark spots in both sides of her forehead and they disappeared after she started using this skin lightening cream. It worked fast and the results where amazing. Since that moment, I always recommend it.

Check more reviews and prices here

Bleaching creams, keep them away!

I don’t recommend at all using Skin Bleaching Creams. If you have sensitive skin don’t try it, can be harmful for you.

There are many expensive and “safe” skin bleaching creams, but I really suggest to stay away from them. There are many other ways to make your skin beautiful and healthy without using the word bleach.

I have read very bad reviews about bleaching creams, so please, if you don’t want to mess up your face get away from this.

Bottom line – Don’t be afraid of using Skin Lightening Creams

Don’t be afraid of using this creams, just read what is in it and if you think it’s too much chemicals, just look for some home remedies. There are a lot of them, maybe they are not as effective but they work as well, I can guarantee you.

Check more info about Skin Lightening Creams here.