Glutathione Skin Whitening

You probably know Glutathione as the Superhero of antioxidants, and also as the magic pill to achieve fairer skin, or technically speaking, Glutathione Skin Whitening. The truth is, there are many people unaware of the existence of this antioxidant. The reason why, is because contrary to others antioxidant, this one in particular is produced by our body.

Generally speaking, Glutathione is an antioxidant created by the human body, that can protect our system against several conditions. Glutathione is a superior antioxidant, capable of improving the immune system and prevent cancer, especially liver cancer.

This strong and powerful antioxidant minimizes free-radical damage in your body. Free-radicals are the cause of premature aging, and many others problems. It’s said that Glutathione helps our body to fight against many diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and arteriosclerosis. Sounds really interesting, doesn’t it?

Glutathione Skin Whitening

Glutathione Skin Whitening… What About It?

Even when all those facts seem incredibly interesting, this is a beauty blog. The reason why I bring  this topic today to the blog, is because many people are asking me about the whitening properties of glutathione.

Glutathione has become the number 1 whitening product used in Asia. It’s the most prescribed, among all existing whitening products. Glutathione is known by many names, bleaching pill, whitening capsule, and also as the only pill with a good side effect… “skin whitening”.

How does Glutathione makes you whiter?

“Glutathione interrupts and blocks Tyrosinase, the enzyme that causes dark melanin pigment production. A continuous and elevated supplementation of this antioxidant will end up making whiten your skin complexion”.

The most common questions about Glutathione capsules are… Is it dangerous? Does it really delivers the whitening results it claims?

I don’t think the ingestion of these pills could be dangerous. I do think , that in order to achieve the desired results, you have to make sure that what you are buying is genuine, be careful with fake products. I always try to do some researches about the company that sells the product before spending my money.

Glutathione Whitening PillsSplit Opinions About Glutathione Skin Whitening

You will get tons of comments about Glutathione all over the internet. Some people claim that these pills have worked wonderful whitening their skins, eliminating dark spots, aging spots, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation. Others say, that it has slow results, but after 2 month, people can notice the difference. And others consider Glutathione, a waste of time and money.

Glutathione can be taken as an antioxidant supplement, anti-aging medication, and whitening pill. What changes is the dose. The package normally comes with indications about how to take the pills, of course that vary depending on the purpose you are taking it for.

It’s important to know that in order to whiten your skin, glutathione must be combined with vitamin C. Most Glutathione whitening injections includes vitamin C.

It’s not recommended to people with asthma, pregnant or breastfeeding. I always recommend consulting your doctor when talking anything by mouth.

I won’t recommend any website or brand today, I haven’t tried any of them, and I don’t think I will do it. I know others skin whitening products that really work without any doubt. The thing with these pills is that the comments and opinions you hear about them, are too variable.

If you aren’t still convinced, I invite you to check the list of best skin lightening creams, that with eyes closed I would recommend, because I know they really work. Up until today, Glutathione Skin Whitening is not part of it.
Good Luck!

Green Coffee Bean Extract Results – Week 1

This is the beginning of our second experiment using Green Coffee Bean Extract. A couple of months ago my boyfriend tried for the first time green coffee extract, and he had amazing results. As it was our first time with this particular supplement we didn’t make articles updating the results each week.

My boyfriend finally agreed to let me share with you the whole process of taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, and posting his photos. He is currently working a lot, that means he doesn’t have time to exercise. So he will be eating healthy, cutting some calories but nothing drastic. I’m very excited with this article, I have my own guinea pig.

Diets Are Not Only To Look Great

Not always going on a diet has to do with an esthetical purpose. Not everybody diet because they want to look nice and to fit in their size 4 Prom dress. If you think so, you are completely mistaken. Sometimes diet and exercises are practically of vital importance to maintain a good health.

Green Coffee Beans Extract has already showed us that it can do what it claims without going on a super diet or killing yourself at the gym. Thanks to Green Coffee Bean Extract David lost 13 pounds and reduced his cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

High Cholesterol and Health

Sometimes people don’t get how dangerous can be high cholesterol, and how it’s double dangerous in young people. Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol enhance the risk of developing heart diseases and arteries problems. Too much cholesterol in your blood can cause your vessels to harden. If your blood flow is blocked and cannot arrive to your heart, this can provoke a heart attack.

David’s Story

David is 28 years old, he is not overweight in fact I don’t like when he loses more than 10 pounds. He is short and when this happen, he looks like he is thirteen years old.

The only time we made a very strict and I have to admit, hard diet was last year. We normally eat everything, at night we are more careful and we almost always eat vegetables and protein, but we always take ice-cream because we are addicts to it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

David Gained 20 Pounds Last Year

Last year we were disorganized concerning our eating habits. The result was… I ended up gaining 10 pounds which was good for me because I was too thin, but not as good for him. He went from 145 to 165.

David was feeling sleepy and was uncomfortable with his weight. We decided to do some blood tests to know how was everything going. David’s tests showed high cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The doctor recommended to go on a very strict diet ASAP.

He cut many meals, meats, sugar, carbohydrates. And he had to take omega 3, 6 and 9, and exercise a lot to get back in shape as soon as possible. After all that, in three months he lowered his cholesterol and triglycerides levels. I have to say that I admire the willpower, constancy and commitment he showed in those difficult months. After 3 month I begged him to stop, he was looking too thin for his height.

He Used This And It Works

Join David And Share Your Results

Start Now

After a while he started gaining weight again and then we came out with the idea of Green Coffee Extract for the first time. After his first round with Coffee Green Beans Extract he lost 13 pounds, but he couldn’t maintain it because he has been under too much pressure at work, and you should know that anxiety is an enemy of weight loss.

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract Again?

First of all because it worked surprisingly well the first time, and also because Green Coffee Bean Extract seems to be the best supplement you can find these days, without any side effects.

It’s believed that this supplement could prevent diabetes, and also, recent experiments has shown that after taking Green Coffee, bad cholesterol levels decrease.

With this article we’re starting our own Green Coffee Extract experiment. Updates will be posted each week. No exercises, no extract diet, only Green Coffee Bean Extract. Stay tuned! Subscribe!

Argan Oil For Nails And Hands

Now that winter is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about buying a good moisturizer that could help your skin to deal with the dryness and roughness caused by the harsh winter. Argan Oil for nails and hands could be the best present for Christmas, and maybe not only for nails and hands, let’s find out why.

So Argan Oil For Nails and Hands Works Too?

The cold weather, the dry heat indoors and the low humidity combine their forces to make your skin dry and sensitive this time of the year. You have probably noticed that during the winter the fine lines in your skin are more visible, your skin turns flaky and doll. Hands skin, arms and legs are the most common affected areas during this season of the year.

I have normal skin, but in winter the dryness in my hands is really annoying. When my hands get too dry, they automatically start itching. Some doctors have told me that is an allergic reaction because of the weather, and they suggest to use a good moisturizer, preferably Argan Oil.

Because of this problem, I have used tons of moisturizers but nothing seems to work, every time I use something new, my skin goes back again to the same. The only time I saw a difference was last year, when I started using instead of creams, Pure Argan Oil.

Does Argan Oil for Nails and Hands make my hands oily and sticky? The answer is NO.

Argan Oil is excellent providing moisture to your skin, it absorbs quickly and it doesn’t give an oily sensation or appearance.

Pure Argan Oil leaves your skin smooth and soft and it has multiples benefits. Don’t forget Argan Oil is an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and is sensational treating multiples skin conditions.

Argan Oil For Hands

Argan Oil for HandsBesides providing moisture to your dry hands, it also gives it a young appearance. Argan Oil is not only an incredible moisturizer, it’s also capable of eliminating scars and to fade away aging marks, dark spots and wrinkles.

Skin in hands is too thin, it contains less collagen and tends to age quickly. Argan Oil is the right product to boost the collagen production, it will strengthen your sensitive and dry skin.

Every night after applying Argan Oil on your face, don’t forget to do it in your hands as well. You don’t want people to look at your face and think you are 30 years old, then look at your hands and realize you’re actually 80. Just kidding, but you get what I mean, you also want to take care of your hands.

Argan Oil for Cuticles

Dry cuticles can be very annoying but solving this problem could be very easy. Because its high levels of vitamin E, Argan Oil is an exceptional moisturizer, capable of putting an end to all your cuticles problems.

Argan Oil is the best product to soften and smooth your skin and also your cuticles. The most impressive thing about Argan Oil is, how fast your skin can absorb it. You can apply it right before walking out the door and your hands won’t be oily or sticky. It helps your cuticles look healthy.

Argan Oil For Nails

Argan Oil For Nails
Your nails are one of the sensitive parts of your body and they get damaged quickly. One of the most common causes of peeling nails, ridges and splitting nails is having your hands wet all the time. Harsh detergents, too much nails polish, insufficient calcium, vitamin A, C, D or E in your diet can also contribute to weaken your nails.

The essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E in Argan Oil for nails can nourish, restore strength and prevent peeling and splitting nails. Argan Oil is excellent for your hair and nails growth, and is the most complete product to get a healthy and beautiful, skin, hair and nails.

Your Hands and Nails Will Thank You

If you haven’t try it yet, is about time, there is no way this product could let you down. Not in vain, Argan Oil is known as The oil of beauty and health. It’s the number 1 beauty product released this year. Argan Oil is the sacred Liquid Gold from Morocco.

Green Coffee Extract – Coffee and Weight Loss

Recently, moms and everybody in general is crazy about the new weight loss supplement called Green Coffee Bean Extract. After Dr Oz dedicated one of his famous episodes to an experiment with this supplement, you can hear about coffee and weight loss everywhere. Green Coffee Extract is the most sold and efficient diet supplement of the year, together with Raspberry Ketone.

We finally have a weight loss supplement that doesn’t work as a placebo effect.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract – How Is It Not Just Coffee?

Green Coffee Extract as the word suggest it, is the extract from unroasted raw coffee bean. Many people think that caffeine is the ingredient that has the slimming properties, and which promotes the weight loss properties.

What people doesn’t know is that Green Coffee Beans contain 25% less caffeine than your regular morning coffee cup. This means that you don’t need to be afraid of taking this supplement because it doesn’t cause the same effects of roasted coffee. You won’t experience symptoms like restlessness, jittering or anxiety.

Why Do You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee
Recent studies, made scientist to suspect that was the chlorogenic acid present in Green Coffee Beans what was provoking the weight loss. Chlorogenic Acid is a natural antioxidant present in plants, and it has the property of delaying the oxidation of food.

Chlorogenic acid promotes weight loss by reducing the absorption of fat and reducing insulin to improve metabolic function. Green Coffee Extract starts immediately burning those extra pounds you have, faster. It also makes it harder for sugar to release into your bloodstream. When this happens your body doesn’t have the opportunity to transform glucose into fat storage.

What makes Coffee Beans So Good?

Besides helping you losing weight, there are also many testimonies about how good this antioxidant supplement has been for other problems like, fatigue, sleepiness, weakness, etc.

What makes this Green Coffee Bean Extract the greatest supplement is, that several experiments has shown, that even without exercising, I mean zero exercise, or going on a diet, you lose weight.
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How to take Coffee Bean Extract

  • 400 mg three times a day, before each meal
  • Taking 200 mg has shown good results as well

Things to look when you buy Coffee Bean Extract

When purchasing this product you have to be extra careful. Many people pretend to sell effective and Pure Coffee Bean Extracts, when, what they really sell are fake supplements. Don’t get robbed; don’t get fooled with words like, “Raw” or “Pure”.

When looking for a weight loss supplement and specifically for Coffee Beans Extract, make sure that Chlorogenic acid extract shows in the list of ingredients. It may appear as:

  • GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) or
  • Svetol

Is important for your supplement to have at least 45% Chlorogenic acid or more. If it doesn’t have this percentage of the ingredient or more, it won’t show any result at all.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Works – I Saw It

He Used This And It Works

He’s Using This Product
100% Natural – It Works

Many people are still skeptical about diet supplements and scams. Others are too afraid of side effects to try them. I can assure coffee and weight loss is a real combination. Green Coffee Bean Extract is not a scam. I haven’t tried because I can’t tolerate caffeine, but my boyfriend did, and the results were great! He lost more than 13 pounds the first round. Started at 165 pounds, and a month later, he was 153.

He doesn’t let me show the photos from the first round, but he’s about to start the 2nd, which I’m not happy at all because I like how he’s now, but he’s stubborn and want to do it. He’s letting me show the new pictures, so stay tuned, subscribe, so you get the updates. Wish us luck!

Check the first week of Green Coffee Bean Extract experiment.

Coffee Beans Extract, replenish your body with strength and vitality, this supplement is all you need to be able to eat without feeling you guilty. Coffee antioxidants, coffee and weight loss, who would have thought this could be possible a few years ago. Green Coffee Extract is amazing.

Raspberry Ketone – The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?

Raspberry ketone is being called the miracle weight loss pill since Dr. Oz approved it on TV a few months ago. But, is it really that good? Is raspberry ketone supplement really the fastest way to lose weight?

Before Raspberry KetoneDo you see this girl? She, like hundreds more, probably tried all kind of weight loss supplements, workout videos and diets, but she didn’t get any life-changing results, . It has been hard for scientist to find a magic pill capable of miraculously eliminate all those extra pounds.

Let’s get real guys…. Everybody knows that in order to lose weight, it’s necessary to work hard, make sacrifices, commitments and sometimes go to bed begging for something to eat.

New compounds have been discovered, leading to new supplements creations. Thanks to technology and to brilliant minds, humans have made significant advances. You are probably familiar with names like: Raspberries Ketone, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Acai Berry, etc.

Diet supplements have important amounts of multivitamins and others chemicals that are not only great for making you look gorgeous and healthy. They, and to be more precise Raspberry Ketone, can also have a big impact on your body in a positive way. These weight loss supplements can improve your mood, anxiety, appetite, stamina, etc.

How Weight Loss Supplements Work? What’s The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?

First of all, how supplements work is easy to explain, but is a very hard work to do. Supplements like Raspberry Ketone can get rid of your body fat, they have the hard task of suppressing your appetite and stopping fat absorption during digestion.

People spend hundreds of dollars every year trying to find the fastest way to lose weight, a reinforcement of strength and vitality, something that would make them look skinnier, more attractive and sexier, and many times what they get is a big scam.

The word “scam” has nothing to do with Raspberry Ketone, this weight loss supplement has demonstrated been safe, natural and totally worth it. Raspberry Ketone is one of the latest supplements released to the public. All companies want it because it’s selling like hotcakes. Vitamins shops, drugstores and online shops are making a lot of money thanks to these pills.

Does Raspberry Ketone Work?

After the Fastest Way To Lose WeightYou are probably asking yourself what makes Raspberry Ketone so incredible? I have two reasons to satisfy your curiosity:

  1. Raspberry Ketone is a supplement capable of making you lose weight without going on a strict diet or a heavy exercise routine.
  2. It’s said by the “God of health”, Dr. Oz, that is the today’s best weight loss supplement.

Raspberry Ketone is a natural flavoring, used by the beauty industry for its scent. It’s also a powerful enzyme contained in Raspberries, which can help people losing weight.

One of the things that make this exquisite fruit so valuable is its antioxidant properties. You have probably heard about the usage of raspberries and cranberries supporting a good urinary tract function. Raspberries properties and benefits are multiples and awesome.

The principal function of this supplement, and which leads to weight loss, is that Raspberry Ketone increases or speed up the metabolism.

What Is Metabolism? What Does Raspberry Ketone Has To Do With It?

Metabolism is the amount of energies (calories) your body burns. It doesn’t matter what you do, you are always burning calories. Metabolism can be slow or fast. People with slow metabolism gain weight easier than those with faster metabolism.

If you have a slow metabolism you probably want to cut some calories in order to lose weight. If your metabolism is working slow you have to be careful with what you eat, you don’t want to take in more calories than what your body can burn. If you have problems losing weight too slowly or gaining weight too easily then you must try Raspberry Ketone, this weight loss supplement will speed up your metabolism.

Raspberry Ketone Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

Forget absurd diets, extreme workouts or feeling hungry. With Raspberry Ketone, a regular diet would be enough to obtain what this supplement has to offer. Raspberry Ketone is natural and safe. Of course, if you continue eating pizza, soda, and tons of ice cream, then there is nothing in the world that will help you.

People are usually worried about diet pills side effects, Raspberries Ketone is risk free and natural. Be sure you buy 100% natural Raspberry Ketone, otherwise you will be throwing your money. Raspberry Ketone truly works, otherwise, why the most important and famous doctor in the world would recommend it, do you really think Dr. Oz would risk his prestige for some weight loss pills that won’t work….Think again? I don’t think so.

Skin Whitening Home Remedies

People want to lighten their skin for many reasons. Some of them only want to achieve a lighter color and have a fair skin tone, while others are only interest in solving a skin condition, like hyperpigmentation, dark spots, melasma, aging spots, acne marks, old scars, etc. Today I’m going to show you some skin whitening home remedies that will help you achieve your desired goal.

The reasons are different, but the objective is the same, whitening the skin and diminish the melanin production. Nowadays you can find amazing skin lightening creams that can lighten your skin tone, and help you treating your skin problems. The pharmaceutical industry makes every day more progress, creating excellent products with harmless, safe, and natural ingredients.

It’s important to not forget that even if there are new, expensive and incredible products, capable of treating your skin conditions and give you the healthy skin you dream about, a little bit of patience is crucial to get what you want.

These skin whitening products are good but not magical, it takes time to get the results you so desperately wish. In order to help your skin lightening cream to do their job, you can try some other simple methods. I’m talking about skin whitening home remedies.

Most people don’t know they have in their kitchen, a bunch of natural skin whitening ingredients that can help, not only seasoning their food, but also making them look better.

Not all home remedies for skin whitening work the same for everybody, that is why you have to try several of them to identify which one is better for your skin. These skin whitening home remedies are easy to do and can really whiten your skin if you do it regularly.

Skin whitening home remedies are not time-consuming. I have tried multiples remedies to whiten some areas of my skin at home, and they work excellent combined with a good whitening cream. I have a huge list to share with you, but I’m just going to show you the ones that have worked the best for me.

Best Skin Whitening Home Remedies

#1 – Lemon

Applying lemon juice on your skin a few times a day can brighten your skin, because lemon has bleaching action.

Lemon juice can remove dead skin cells from your epidermis. It can fade dark spots and give you an even skin.

Lemon Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Lemon Remedy #1: 

Squeeze a lemon, dip a cotton ball in it and apply it directly in your skin. Repeat several times daily until you get a whitening result in your skin. Never ever go out to the sun with lemon on your skin, or you’ll get the opposite result.


Lemon Remedy #2:

Make a paste using: 1 tsp of milk, 1 tsp of almond oil, 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice.

Mix all those ingredients and put it on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse it with cold water.

#2 – Yogurt

Yogurt Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Plain white yogurt has lactic acid, an ingredient with natural skin lightening effects. You can apply the yogurt directly in your skin, or also add orange peel powder or lemon juice. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

Repeat the same treatment every day.

#3 – Almond and Milk

Almond and Milk Skin Whitening Home RemediesGet 4 almonds and let it soak in a glass of water overnight. Grind up the almonds, make a powder and mix it with milk until you get a paste. Put it on your face and leave it overnight, repeat during 15 days.

#4 – Potato

Potato Skin Whitening Home Remedies

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties, it can be used in different ways:

1. Place slices of potatoes in your face for 20 minutes, or
2. Blend a potato and apply the paste you get in your face. Leave it for 20 minutes. Great treatment for blemish, scars and dark spots.

#5 – Turmeric mask

Turmeric, Milk and Fluor reduces dark circles

Turmeric is known worldwide for its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It’s an excellent agent getting rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Turmeric can give a fresh and natural glow to your skin.

Get 1 tsp of Turmeric powder, 1 tsp of flour and mix them in milk until you get a paste. Apply it on your skin for about 15-20 minutes then wash it off.

Recommended to use 1 or 2 times in a month.

Have fun! But Remember, Every Excess is Bad

Natural skin whitening remedies are very helpful to restore health in your skin. To get results using only natural whitening remedies you need to be persistent and constant. I think they are great, but they definitely work faster if you also combine them with your best skin whitening cream. Enjoy making your own skin whitening home remedies and flaunting a gorgeous and attractive skin.

Macadamia Natural Oil – Does it Work? The Best?

If you follow my blog, you probably know that this year has been pretty rough for my hair. I’m seriously praying for 2013 to be better. Since I fried my hair back in march with bio ionic hair straightening, I have been involved in a battle with my hair. Even now that it’s a lot better, still is not what it was. I have tried many great products, especially Argan Oil, which has worked great for me. But the latest products I have been trying and are working excellent are all Macadamia Natural Oil products. Macadamia Oil, Macadamia Shampoo, Macadamia Hair Mask, all of them are simply great.

The sun, the beach and the pool, really made an impact in my hair these past months, and I mean in a negative way. Besides all that, I live in a very humid weather which is not helping at all. Weeks ago I started seeing my hair very doll, and that wasn’t normal, because even when I had my hair in its worse state, it was still shiny… dry, damaged, but shiny.

Hunting The Best Product For My Hair

Macadamia Natural OilWas then, when I began again the endless research, trying to find a new and amazing product that could restore the shine to my hair. I heard about Macadamia Natural Oil and how wonderful it was for your hair. If you look around, you will see Macadamia Natural Oil is all over YouTube and it has extraordinaire comments.

I have to admit, I was curious about it. I wanted to know for myself if it was worth it or not, as it’s not cheap.

These Are The Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Products I Bought

  1. Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo
  2. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
  3. Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream

Right after using Macadamia Natural Oil for the first time, having my hair still wet, I didn’t like too much the texture it left on my hair. Applying Macadamia shampoo was weird, it felt in my hair exactly as a clarifying shampoo. The leave in cream didn’t make my hair manageable either.

From my personal experience, the Macadamia Natural Oil miracle arrived once I started styling my hair. Honestly I’ve never seen my hair shinier than it is now.

Every time I use it, people tell me my hair looks lighter. I don’t know why, because it doesn’t have anything that is supposed to light your color. I think maybe it’s because now is so shiny, that gives the impression that it’s lighter.

Now I always get compliments, even with my damaged and fried hair, it really looks healthy. My friends always ask me if I did something new in it. The difference when I use Macadamia Natural Oil and when I don’t is huge.

I Recommend To Start Slow

Because I have heard so many variable opinions and reviews, I recommend, in case you want it, to buy a travel size first, to see how Macadamia Natural Oil works for you. I had pretty good results, but I know of people saying it’s a waste of money.

What makes Macadamia Natural Oil a great product?

Macadamia Natural Oil products combine two of the world’s most precious oils, Macadamia Nut Oil and Argan Oil.

Macadamia Natural OilArgan Oil, also known as the liquid gold, is one of the most expensive, yet extraordinary products in today’s market. It’s not only used for hair, but for almost any purpose beauty related. Argan Oil is excellent healing dry and damaged hair and gives shine and softness to your hair. Argan Oil is considered the number 1 new beauty product in 2012.

Macadamia Natural Oil promotes healthy hair growth and healthy hair maintenance. Increase silkiness and shine. It contains several important vitamins and minerals which make it a special product treating damaged and dry hair. It’s an excellent treatment, with light and no greasy consistency.

Massage Oil – Argan Oil For Massage

How many times a day we grumble about neck or muscle sores, joint aches, back pain. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, there are multiples factors that can explain these problems. Is not always a virus or arthritis what triggers off all those symptoms, sometimes we just need to relax, and clear our heads. Maybe we need something as simple as a massage oil. Argan oil for massages can help you to feel great, while rejuvenating your body.

Let Argan Oil Ease Your Life

Argan Oil Massage

Sometimes I think people like to be worried. I think in this society, people just don’t know how to live without stress. Did you know that 40% of Americans don’t take vacations even if they have time off? There is a simple name for that, workaholic.

There are some interesting stats about workaholics. They have a higher rate of heart disease, workaholic marriages crumble at 55% rate, and they are more likely to get arthritis, joint aches and muscle sores.

It’s true that working is a good mental exercise, but any excess is bad. When we are too stressed and tired of the daily routine, we need to relax. Today I just have the perfect relaxation for you, it’s called Massage Oil. You don’t have to be rich to relax and enjoy an excellent massage, you just need a supportive husband, wife or “friend”, and a few drops of argan oil for massage.

Argan Oil Benefits For Massages

Massage Oil Relief Your BodyOf course you know all Argan Oil properties. Argan Oil is good for almost all purposes, skin, hair, nails, muscle sores, arthritis. It’s the most complete and rich oil regarding composition. Known as anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant, with healing properties and the ability to regenerate skin cells, making you look and feel completely fresh, new and young.

Argan Oil is great for skin, it has as 80% of fatty acids in its composition, which is very important to maintain a healthy skin and prevent premature aging. Vitamin E, plant sterols and essential fatty acids, make Argan Oil the most extraordinary oil to massage your skin and relax your body.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Argan Oil gets into your body, alleviating all your joint pains and muscle sore, and relieving your entire body, taking you to a state of total relaxation.

Usage Tip: Mix Argan Oil with others aromatics oils like chamomile, lavender, or rosemary, this infallible combination will change your mood, and reduce any sign of fatigue and anxiety. The aromatic massage oils will stimulate your brain and nervous system. Apply the mixture in your body, take a hot tub, and feel how all the pain goes out from your mind and body.

What’s The Best Massage Oil

Massage Oil BenefitsEach massage oil has some specific benefits for your body, check them and select the one you really need.

Argan Oil: Recommended for Arthritis, muscle sores and stress. Excellent anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. We  recommend Essence Of Argan.

Coconut Oil: Relieves anxiety and bring emotional balance to the body and mind. Coconut Oil is a great massage oil with sedating and calming properties.

Lavender and Sandalwood Oil: boost the immune system’s ability to fight against infections. Helps healing and reducing the stress. Lavender oil is excellent healing wounds and fungal infections.

Jojoba Oil: Excellent for people suffering from back pain. Antibacterial properties, great treating skin allergies.

Almond Oil: Excellent for itchiness, muscle soreness, irritations and burns. Excellent moisturizer, your skin will feel smooth and soft, while your mind is calm and relaxed.

Do You Know What Massage Oil You Need

If you want to feel better, and relaxed, don’t waste any other minute, you just need a massage oil. Massage oil are like being in heaven, make your body feel deeply relaxed, without tension, stress or sores. You will feel healed and recovered, your body and your mind will be completely in harmony.

Essence of Argan is what I use, not only for massage oil, but for my hair and face, as this is the only argan oil product with the perfect balance of thickness, that works great for almost everything.

8 Home Remedies For Dark Circles

As you grow older your skin start going downhill. You start getting crow’s-feet, fine lines, bags under eyes, dark circles under eyes. The lack of collagen is one of the causes of all aging signs. It’s also blamed for making thinner your under eyes skin, which makes blood vessels visible and gives you the appearance of dark shadows under eyes. Luckily for us, there are home remedies for dark circles.

Surely, aging is not the only cause related with dark eye circles. You probably know about common causes like: poor sleep, stress, bad alimentation, allergies, lack of iron, anemia, medications, high consumption of caffeine and alcohol, smoking, thin skin under eyes, and of course the most common and difficult to get rid of, heredity.

There are many ways to get rid of dark circles. Choices can vary from home remedies for dark circles, to the most expensive medical procedures. You can also find costly eye creams and serums, but also good products at fair and reasonable prices.

My two favorite products, which have proven to be excellent because of their results are: Skin Complex and Elite Serum. What I love the most about these products is their strong combination of natural ingredients.

Besides using eye creams and serums, is important to not forget home remedies are always a wonderful help.

My Favorites Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Crushed Almonds and Milk - Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles#1 – Crushed Almonds And Milk

Make a paste of crushed almonds and milk, put it in your face for 20 minutes.

Simple, right? I noticed that this home remedy has lightened my face and my dark circles under eyes. I love it.

Milk, Honey and Papaya

#2 – Milk, Honey And Papaya

Combine milk, honey and papaya to make a mask. Papaya has become very famous as a skin lightening because it contains papain, a natural enzyme that promote skin renewal and cell turnover.

I strongly recommend using papaya soap. It’s an excellent skin lightening. It might dry your skin a little, but combine it with argan oil, and magic will be done.

Popular Home Remedies For Dark circles

Cucumbers can Reduce Dark Circles

#3 – Cucumbers

Cucumber slices can help sooth irritated eyes, dark circles and puffiness.

Cut cucumber slices and apply them on closed eyes while laying down. Cucumber can treat dark circles under eyes because the freshness it provides is excellent for blood vessels and eliminating puffiness. Cold cucumber slices avoid blood vessels to show beneath under eyes skin.

Potato Slices for Dark Circles

#4 – Potatoes

Another excellent remedy to get rid of dark eye circles is potato.

Place a potato slice under your eyes for 15 minutes. Make sure it’s cold, because that way, it will bring better results.

If you do this home remedy frequently, you can eliminate completely your dark eye circles. Potato has an enzyme (Catecholase) found in many skin whitening products with excellent lightening properties.

Tomato and Lemon Reduces Dark Circles

#5 – Tomato, Lemon and Flour

Use a teaspoon of natural tomato juice, a teaspoon of lemon juice and flour. Mix them and apply them on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse it off.

Tomatoes contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron. Iron deficiency could cause dark eye circles. It causes poor blood circulation which give the dark color under your eyes. It’s important to mention that lemon is a natural skin lightening.

Turmeric, Milk and Fluor reduces dark circles

#6 – Turmeric, Milk and Flour

This mask is very used in oriental countries, is a whitening mask and gives a natural and beautiful glow to your skin. Is recommended to use it only twice a month.

Put together one teaspoon of turmeric, one of flour and milk, make a thick paste and put it in your face for 15 minutes.

Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, works excellent for blemish, marks, dark circles, spots, etc.

Tea Bags - Excellent Home Remedies for Dark Eyes

#7 – Tea Bags

Don’t throw away your tea bags after you prepare your great tea. Use those tea bags under your eyes, the caffeine in tea bags can help eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

This is one of the most popular home remedy for dark circles, and doesn’t require any extra cost. You can refresh yourself while enjoying a great cup of tea.

Eye Complex For Dark Circles

#8 – Eye cream with Vitamin K and C

Shouldn’t really be included in a list of home remedies for dark circles, as they are creams, but I thought it was vital to mention it. Those two vitamins are very important to help you treat your dark circles under eyes.

Vitamin K diminish dark circles and Vitamin C reduces fine lines.

My favorite, and the one I’m currently using is Eye Complex, from Civant Skin Care. Love it!

Many Home Remedies For Dark Circles, Which One Will You Use?

As you can see there is plenty of home remedies to fade away those annoying dark circles under eyes. It might not be the fastest way to solve the problem, but can help creams and others products to do their job.

My suggestion is to get a good eye cream, or serum to eliminate your dark circles and apply it before going to bed. Sleep in it, is important to let the ingredients work. Try at least 3 times a week, one of these home remedies, be prepared to see your dark circles gone forever.

If you’re currently using any of these home remedies for dark circles, or even if it’s something else, please share it! Good luck.

Argan Oil Acne Treatment Real Results

Argan Oil for Acne? What is that? As you know, acne is one of the skin conditions that almost all of us go through, at least once in life. Who hasn’t had an annoying pimple on a very important day? Everybody remembers adolescence, an incredible experience for some, but for others, a very hard, and difficult period. For my sister-in-law it wasn’t the best at first. But recently, she started doing an argan oil acne treatment, and her life changed.

Acne in adolescence not only has a physical effect, but also psychological and emotional. Studies have shown that acne first shows in the ages from 10 to 12 years old, in the worst cases, it can last until 20 to 25 years old. It can be very difficult and frustrating.The more people think about acne, the worse it becomes. Obviously acne has a heavy psychological impact.

How My Sister In Law Beat Acne Using Argan Oil

After Using Argan Oil Acne Treatment

Tania after Essence of Argan. NO makeup

This is Tania she is my sister-in-law, you see her pretty face now? Eight years ago the story was completely different. It is noteworthy to mention that she still sporadically has acne, in fact her last acne crisis was 6 month ago. Tania is a lot better now, and all she is using is Argan Oil to heal her face.

Essence of Argan is the best acne treatment I have ever tried. At first I was really afraid because “oil in my face?” but I took the risk. My face was pretty bad, It couldn’t be any worse. Thanks to Argan Oil acne treatment, today I have a smooth and soft skin, my acne is gone! and even my scars and marks are fading away. Thank you Essence of Argan

Argan Oil Can Eliminate AcneHow Has Tania Been Dealing With Acne

Her acne started when she was 16, she was in high school and pretty much everybody in high school has acne. Tania never really thought about it, because acne is normal at that age. So she had a pretty happy adolescence, without inferiority complex, low esteem or something like that.

At 18 Tania started college. At that moment she was a little concerned about her face, and how she looked, so she started taking medications. Tania tried whatever she heard or read that was good for acne. Sometimes her skin was even worse because of the medications.

At the age of 20 she was covered in acne, it was everywhere, so she started seeing a dermatologist. This doctor was well-known for curing acne using a especial brown seaweed.

Seaweeds are a great source of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iodine. They also have Omega -3 fatty acid, and are considered an exceptional anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial.

He used to make a mask and apply it in her face two times a week. That was the first time she saw her face completely healed. After a while, acne disappeared, sometimes one or two pimples, but nothing serious.

Acne Again? Oh No! – The Magic Of Argan Oil

Six month ago Tania went through a difficult and stressful situation and acne came back stronger. Again, she started using a bunch of medication, over the counter creams and face washers. Everyday her face was worse.

Her face started peeling, I think because of too many strong acne medications, it was bad. Then we suggested argan oil acne treatment, specifically Essence of Argan. She wasn’t convinced because it was oil, but we showed her scientific details, real facts, and we insisted… a lot! because we knew how good it could be for her.

Argan Oil Acne Treatment Changed Everything

Argan Oil is a great product, it has high levels of vitamin E, is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and contains as much as 80% of fatty acids in its overall composition. Argan Oil regulates the production of sebum and controls the bacteria that causes acne, which make it the best natural argan oil acne treatment.

As you can see, this is a powerful product, and for Tania it was a blessing. She started using it before going to bed, every day. In only a week her face was completely different.

Is really surprising what Argan Oil is able do with our skin, and particularly with acne. I have to say that I have seen the miracles of Argan Oil, but nothing compare with this. Argan Oil acne treatment really works!