Origins Never A Dull Moment

Every time I get into an Origins store is like enter into heaven, everything seems so clear, bright and perfect. Origins products are extremely good, with the power of plants and 100% organics ingredients. One of my favorite exfoliators is from Origins, I think I have used it for 2 years now and I really have never had a dull moment since then. Origins Never a Dull Moment is one of the best exfoliators I have used.

What Are Exfoliators, Why Do I Need Them?

Exfoliators are responsible for eliminating dead skin cells that can lead to clog pores and make the skin look dull and dirty. Exfoliators promote cells renewal, they are necessary to get a healthy and soft skin.

Thanks to exfoliators, the skin is capable of absorbing nutrients, they prevent breakouts and acne. Face exfoliation is a step no one should skip in their skin care routine.

Why Origins Never a Dull Moment Exfoliator?

Never a dull moment exfoliator has a unique and kind of weird texture, is super thick and has a heavy consistency. Though it glides easy in the skin and is easy to rub and rinse away. One of the most important and unique things about Origins Never a Dull Moment is that it’s a brightening face polisher, this characteristic makes this product unique and extremely valuable.

It contains scents of papaya, orange, grapefruit, mango, rose, apricot and mint. The acidity of the fruits is responsible for the brightening and lightening effect of this product. Its natural composition gives freshness and glow to the skin. The smell is incredible, like a fruit jam, sometimes I feel like eating it.

Origins Never a Dull Moment, is a scrub and enzyme exfoliator at the same time, it eliminates oil excess, which makes it extremely good for oily skins. Because it makes the skin tight and dry, maybe is not the best choice for dry skins.

It’s excellent for sensitive skin types, for those who need a gentle scrub, to avoid redness and skin irritation. I also recommend this product to people wanting an even skin tone; this is not a whitening product but it does brighten and can help your whitening creams to work better. For more information about skin whitening products check the best skin lightening creams.

Other Recommendations

Origins Never a Dull Moment is a great exfoliator, definitely one of the best exfoliators I would recommend. I also find interesting other option like:

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