Redken Smooth Down – Smooth Hair But A Little Greasy

Redken Smooth Down is a hair system designed to eliminate frizz and smooth very dry and unruly hair. Is an amazing smoothing system, one of the best I have tried.

Ever since I want to go super straight I use Redken Smooth down, it leaves my hair super soft and silky. I don’t use it too often because when I do, I notice that my hair feels kind of greasy, that happens because this system is for very dry hair and my hair is not too dry to use it continuously. But when I dye my hair it tends to get dryer than normal, then I know it’s time for Redken Smooth Down to show up.

Besides Redken shampoo and conditioner, there is also Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide protective smoother, which is like a serum. I usually apply it on my hair wet before styling it, but be careful with this product, it might also make your hair greasy. It’s excellent adding shine and making the hair manageable.

This is honestly one of the best hair smoothing system I have ever try, maybe not the cheapest, neither the best, but definitely one of my favorites.

If I had to pick among the entire Redken Smooth Down system my favorite product, my choice would be the Smooth Down Butter Treatment, this is the sensation of the system, and the main reason why I’m doing this review today.

Redken Smooth Down

Redken Smooth Down Butter Treatment

Redken Smooth Butter is like a mask, at least I use it like that. After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I apply my Redken smooth down butter treatment and leave it as long as I can, then I rinse it out. I would never change this treatment, because among all the other masks and hair stuff I have, nothing can do what this does.

Redken Smooth Butter Treatment is one of those products you can’t live without. If you are like me, one of those girls constantly changing your look, coloring your hair, cutting it, high lightening it, using all kind of hot tools, then you probably have dry rough and damaged hair. If that’s the case, then this is what you need.

This Redken product really deserves the name, it leaves the hair so smooth that you only can run your hands through your hair and admire how soft, shiny and amazing it is.

Redken Products Are Definitely In My List Of Favorite Hair Products

If I had to do a list of products for dry hair, smoothing treatments, or even my best hair products, which I promise I will, Redken Smooth butter will be one of my top picks for sure. This is the best to get rid of dull, dry and damaged hair. Redken Smooth Down Butter really works.

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