Obagi Nu Derm System – Is It Worth It?

Obagi Nu Derm is the most famous skin care system among adolescents and young adults suffering from acne scars, and marks.

Since the first dermatologist recommended Obagi Nu Derm system, it has spread like a plague, and has been welcomed not only by kids with acne problems, but also for those wanting to achieve more even skin complexion and desiring to get rid of dark spots, melasma, age spots, sun spots, scars etc.

It’s very important to warn people thinking about using Obagi Nu-Derm System, that this is an aggressive and very harsh skin treatment. People wanting to do it have to know how serious they have to be about Obagi Nu-Derm. To see real results you can’t skip one day and is absolutely necessary follow the routine to the letter.

What is Obagi Nu-Derm?

Obagi Nu-Derm eliminates signs of photo-aging while protecting your skin from damage. You have probably asked yourselves: why with the pass of the years our skin looks dull and loses all radiance and glow?

The answer is because over the years, skin loses vitality and doesn’t absorb vitamins in the same way as 10 years before.

Skin is always changing and replacing itself, new skin cells are always forming in the deeper layers and trying to come out to the surface to eliminate all dead skin. This process works perfectly when you are young but over the years it slows down.

Obagi Nu Derm System is considered one of the best whitening skin system, it will accelerate cellular turnover helping new cells to get to the top fast and for longer.

Without any doubt I can promise that Obagi Nu-Derm will eliminate freckles, scars, breakouts, age spots and uneven skin tone, it will also eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. You will get more soft, clear and healthy skin after trying this skin whitening system.

But… At what price?

Before start using this skin lightening treatment it’s important, and I ask you more than recommend you, to research and see pictures and videos showing the whole process.

It’s complicated to explain how to do the program in an article, that is why I recommend you to look for videos. There are pretty good videos on youtube, very understandable and simple.

Obagi Nu Derm products use peeling agents to do its work, which means you will experience peeling and redness during weeks, in fact, the more peeling and redness the better will be the results.

You will look like a zombie, it’s really awful and it burns the skin, I mean it, it’s really shocking how your face gets along the process.

That is probably the only down side I can point about this skin whitening system. I know that in the end it will pay off, but I think it’s a drastic solution if you can find the same solution with less aggressive creams.

For those who are fearless I would probably say go for it, it’s a product that truly have shown unbelievable results.

How to use Obagi Nu Derm System

I do recommend getting assistance from a dermatologist before going on this risky journey, but if you don’t, please be sure you follow all the steps correctly, this is very important.

  1. Obagi Nu Derm Started Set (1 thru 6) includes:
  2. Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle cleanser
  3. Obagi Nu-Derm Toner
  4. Obagi Nu-Derm Clear (Contains Hydroquinone)
  5. Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte ( lactatoc acid and glycolic acid)
  6. Obagi Nu-Derm Blender (4% hydroquinone)
  7. Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 ( apply this product at least 15 minutes before sun exposure)

This system comes in two forms, one for normal/oily skin and the other for normal/dry skin.

The process is for 16 weeks but it can be extended through 20. After that you can use it as a maintenance program, one or two times a week.

Obagi Nu Derm Really Works… If You Take The Risk

Without question I can tell that this product will improve your skin in an unimaginable way, I have seen results very closely and I know that it really works, but you have to be prepared because the price to get what you want is high in every sense of the word.

Is a drastic solution, I wouldn’t recommend it for those that can achieve the same results with inexpensive and safest products like Meladerm Skin Lightening. But if you have tried all and you still haven’t got any improvements, then go ahead, Obagi Nu Derm System might be what you need.

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