Missha BB Cream

When it comes to makeup Missha Bb cream perfect coverage is a must-have product in your makeup bag. If you are reading this article is probably because you have heard wonderful things about BB creams but you haven’t decided yet which one to choose. But, let me tell you something, you are in the right way; I dare to say that Missha bb cream perfect coverage is the best. It has exceeded even the most popular Bb creams like Liole Triple the Solution and Skin79 BB cream.

But, Why Is Missha BB Cream Different?

You might hear that all Bb creams are the same, but that only will come from someone who have tried only one or two. But for someone like me, that have tried more than 10, trust me, they are not the same. If you ask me if Missha BB cream is different, my answer is YES.

First of all Missha BB cream comes in 5 shades, which is great if you compare it with others. I found that Missha Bb cream lasts more than Lioele, and Skin79, and it gives a more natural look. As you know BB creams tend to be lighter than your skin tone, that’s one great thing about Missha Bb cream and their different shades, you can choose the one that match the best your skin tone.

Missha BB Cream


Missha BB Cream Perfect Coverage Highlights

As you know Bb creams are multi-functioning products, they can lighten your skin tone and slowly disappear blemishes, dark spots, and old acne scars, because some of them contain skin whitening ingredients. They can reduce wrinkles, and can diminish fine lines, they moisturize and protect your skin from UV rays.

Some people think that these facts are made up as a strategy to sell the product, I strongly disagree with that. I know many people who has really noticed a positive change in their skin complexion and tone after using Bb creams for a while, particularly, Missha Bb cream.

Positive Thoughts About Missha BB cream

It’s easy to apply, in a blink you are ready to go. Its natural, it doesn’t sink into creases and really covers skin imperfections.

Even when Missha Bb cream has several shades, remember it’s a Bb cream which means that will always have a grayish tinged due to the SPF, though this gray undertone only take 15 minutes to adapt to your skin tone. It’s easy to match your skin tone also using powder, or bronzer, Missha Bb cream gives a radiant look, not oily, not heavy, not matte, simply perfect.

Missha Bb Cream vs Foundation

Foundation and Bb creams don’t seem to be too different, but they are. First of all bb cream has the makeup benefits and also the skin care benefits. Missha bb cream doesn’t create that heavy look you are avoiding in the morning, on the contrary its finish is natural and not perfect. With bb creams your makeup won’t look cakey. Missha bb cream blends in your skin perfectly, minimizing pores size and creating a flawless skin.

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