Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream

Two years ago I was looking for some particular product and I ran into Lioele triple the solution BB cream. I read so many positive reviews about it, that I knew I had to try it. Since then, Lioele BB Cream has always been in my makeup bag.

Let’s Talk About BB Creams

BB creams stands for blemish base, blemish balm, or beblesh balm. It was created in Germany by dermatologist Christine Scharammek. It’s supposed to be an all in one cosmetic, primer, tinted moisturizer, foundation and whitening mask.

The BB cream trend started in Korea, in fact most of the best brands are Korean. Since people started using this product, BB creams spread to Japan, China, South East Asia, Europe and USA.

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream

This cream is basically used as a tinted moisturizer, you can warm it up with your hands and apply it on your face, or you can use a sponge to blend it into your skin.

Why Do I Love Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream?

First of all because it takes me only one minute to apply it, it gives me a natural glow and it lightens my skin.

It’s important to mention that this Lioele BB cream, like others is bright; it definitely has a brightening effect which I love.

It doesn’t look like a fake white mask, don’t get me wrong. Is just that if you don’t have pale skin, then probably Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream will be a little lighter than your skin complexion. That can be fixed with powder, blush and bronzer, that’s what I always do.

Lioele BB Cream Contains Three Main Properties

  1. UV protection
  2. Anti-wrinkle
  3. Skin Whitening

The last one, I can assure with eyes closed is 100% true.

Lioele triple the Solution BB cream doesn’t have too much like a gray undertone as other BB creams I have used. This one is more beige, which makes it more natural. It gives full coverage, and it blends beautifully with your skin.

Is easier to apply than a foundation because is smooth and creamy. If you are like me, and you don’t like to put layers of makeup during the day because it looks like too much, then you are a BB cream person. It covers blemishes, redness and is wonderful for dry skin.

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Bream Ingredients

Lioele Triple The Solution BB CreamI won’t talk about all the ingredients, in fact I will mention only the ones that are relevant to me. As moisturizer ingredients it contains hydrochloric acid, dipropylene glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate and Tocopheryl Acetate. As a whitening ingredient contains Alpha- Arbutin one of the most used ingredients in whitening creams.

Alpha Arbutin come from natural plants and is able to block melanin production. Arbutin present in BB creams will slightly fade sun spots, age spots, acne marks and scars. The results are without question not comparable with those using a whitening cream, but this is not a whitening product, is only a BB cream.

Read more about the Best Skin Lightening Creams.

If you ask me, Liole Triple The Solution BB Cream is nowadays the best, there are tons out there, but for me this is the one.

I love it, I’m passionate with this product and that’s why I’m sharing my excitement with you. Save your foundation for the night and wear during the day this BB cream. It’s honestly a wonderful product, not in vain is a bestselling beauty product.

For more reviews and prices check here.


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