Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is the Holy Grail for adolescents. This skin whitening mask has been one of the most sold products with the capacity of fade and eliminate skin marks, redness and scars. Mario Badescu counts with a wide range of products, from moisturizers and serums to body lotions and soaps.

Mario Badescu
Mario Badescu whitening mask, is well known for treating hyperpigmentation, age and sun spots, but without any doubt it forte lies in eliminating one of the biggest adolescents concerns, skin MARKS.

Dealing with acne is a hard battle and an unstable process, sometimes is better and others is really bad. On top of that we should add that once we get rid of acne we start facing other heavy monsters to defeat, scars, redness and marks. It’s a road difficult to walk, because is something that takes time to be solved. Even with the best and expensive products, is important to be aware that is not going to happen overnight.

Sometimes when I read a review, it amazes me how impatient we can be. It happens that people gives a bad review or stop using a product if they don’t see improvements in a week or two. That’s why I always insist upon several things, one of them is to be realistic and don’t think that this is about magic, or a miracle, that’s a mistake.

To see results is necessary to wait, be patient and fallow instructions. I think Mario Badescu whitening mask is one of the best whitening products you would find these days, that’s why I have it in my top 7 best skin whitening products list. Maybe it doesn’t work as fast as Meladerm, or, is not equally good for all purpose regarding skin whitening, but when it comes to acne marks, I assure you it’s great.

How to use Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

According to the instructions, Mario Badescu whitening mask must be used 2 or 3 times a week. You should leave it in your skin for about 5-10 minutes.

The truth is, it can be used indistinctly. Some only apply it in the affected areas, while others put the mask in the entire face and wait until 30 minutes to rinse it out. I think the usage would depend on what skin type you are.

Though this isn’t a harsh product because it doesn’t contain harmful whitening ingredients,  if you have sensitive skin, I don’t recommend to leave it for too long, 10 minutes would be more than enough to see results.
Mario Badescu Skin Whitening

What about their ingredients…

One of the best things about Mario Badescu whitening mask is its ingredients. Though it’s a whitening mask it doesn’t contain hydroquinone to lighten the skin. To achieve this goal, this product contain ones of the most notorious ingredients for skin whitening, they are Kojic acid and Licorice extracts.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid prevents melanin formation by blocking the tyrosinase activity in the deeper layer of the skin. It’s an acid able to lighten the skin pigments. Kojik acid was discovered in mushrooms, in japan, but it was found as well in other natural foods like rice and soy.

Thanks to kojic acid discovery, many people have options today. I’m not referring only to people from the old continent, where hydroquinone was banned; I’m talking about hydroquinone allergic as well.

Kojic acid has not side effects and is completely safe. Capable of lightening the skin, eliminate freckles, dark spots, sunspots, melasma, age spots and also provide a healthy and brighten look to the skin.

Along with kojic acid, Mario Badescu whitening mask also combines others natural ingredients with whitening properties like: grape extract, licorice extract and mulberry extract. Mario Badescu is definitely a good choice for acne marks and scars. I recommend to not give up too soon, as I previously explained, these treatments take a little time to work, but at the end it will pay off. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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