Ombre Hair

I’m a fan of hair coloring, and trying new things on my hair. Since I have my hair so damaged and short, I have been quiet for a while. I stopped all kind of experiments to let my hair breathe a little. I’m so desperate to have it long again to curl it and straight it and do whatever I want with it. I want my ombre hair!

Today’s post is dedicated to all those girls like me, all those girls than even when they are not professionals, enjoy experimenting all new trends.

ombre hairYou have probably seen in magazines, TV shows, and movies the new hair style called Ombre Hair. It isn’t really so new, I think it started two years ago but recently it has exploded. Ombre Hair is the most demanded hair style in Salons. No one wants to know about highlights anymore… Ombre Hairstyle is without any doubt the trend of the year.

Basically the style concept is about color degradation, darker in your ruts and several shades lighter in your ends. The look has to be natural and soft the idea is to look like you have natural sun kissed hair. This style lights your face and gives you a spectacular glow.

If we want to do it at home we need to pay extremely attention to some points

  • How to apply the products for Ombre Hair
  • From where to where
  • What colors to use

I’m not a hairdresser, and I haven’t done it on me because the length of my hair doesn’t fit in the parameters that make this style so spectacular. But I do know how to do it, and I have done it to others.

ombre hairstyleHow To Apply The Products for Ombre Hair

Separate your hair in vertical sections, do not do pony tails to do it. Remember, this is an uneven look, a little messy, we don’t want to create a straight line between one color and other.

From where to where

The color degradation begins depending on the length of your hair. Generally not higher than the middle of the chin, although many hairdressers are making their own personal ombre hair . Before applying the product, comb backwards your hair to determine where you want to start the application. Don’t place the brush horizontally, just start slightly painting the sections, always remember that we don’t want to create a line of demarcation.

What colors to use

Colors may vary and I think that depends on what each person want. I could make a few recommendations but it would be my taste in particular.

If you are dark brown or medium brown, and you want like a light brown, caramel color, you could use bleach and leave it in your hair until you get the desired color. Or you can use a dye as well.In that case you will need a very light ash blonde. Always look for something with ash, because other light colors tend to show a brassy look, and we don’t want that. If you want to go several shades lighter remember you will need higher peroxide in the dye or bleach.

If your hair is light brown or dark blonde, you can use also bleach or any other color lighter than yours. There is not a right color to use. That is up to you.

Important Note:

Always, always make a strand test before, to make sure you like the color you are going to obtain.

Ombre Hair Is Easy… You Should Try Itdiy ombre hair

Ombre hair is easy to do; the important part is not how easy is but, how it turns out. It’s fun, fresh and natural, and you can do it on your own without any doubt. You just need to be careful. If you still have some doubts keep looking, see videos, you will enjoy it a lot.

If you have any suggestions, or have photos you want to share, please let us know…

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