Best Eye Cream For Puffiness

Ever wonder what to do to get rid of bags under eyes? Surgery, creams, home remedies? Is it because you are aging? Not too much sleep lately? You’re not alone. It all started with my mom, when she turned 45 years old and got crazy when she looked at the mirror and saw those bags under her eyes. It was then when it became a mission, and I started looking for the Best Eye Cream for Puffiness.

I explained more about that in a previous article Puffines Under Eyes, but today I’ll jump straight to the list of…

Best Cream for Puffy Eyes

Elite Serum

Elite Serum

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#1 – Elite Serum

This is not the first time I talk about this Elite Serum, in fact I have a whole review about it. Elite Serum is simply amazing.

It contains Eyeliss, which is a combination of three peptides that target specifically the puffiness under eyes. Elite Serum also works diminishing capillarity permeability and helping the lymphatic circulation under eyes. It tighten the eye area and increase elasticity.

For me, Elite Serum is the best eye product at this moment.

Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel


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#2 – Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel

This product is incredible, particularly if the skin under your eyes tend to get dry. Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel works nice and gentle, will keep your skin smooth and moisturized. I really love Murad products, I’m impressed with their quality.

If you apply this product in the morning you will see the puffiness under your eyes gone instantly. Great, great product.

I also recommend Murad Renewing Eye Cream Dark Circle Eye Treatments, not specifically for puffiness, but for all eyes problems. This product is amazing, it has eliminated my dark circles completely and work really good diminishing the puffiness in your eyes.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Roll-On Dark Circle Eye Treatments


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#3 – Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes is great for puffiness and absorb very quick in your skin. It gives you a cooling sensation when you apply it, which is great to relax your eyes after an exhausting day.

It consistency is like a slight creamy gel, smooth and refresh your under eye lid.

Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream

100% Pure Cosmetics

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#4 – 100% Pure Cosmetics – Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream

I love Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, I find it amazing. It has anti-inflammatory properties, contains caffeine, green tea and coffee, which is excellent reducing swelling and boosting under eyes circulation.

Is a very affordable product, not as expensive as others eye creams and still delivers really good results.

Best Eye Cream For Puffiness

So What’s The Best Eye Cream For Puffiness That Works For Me?

You would have to try them, all of these creams work great, but of course, they won’t deliver the same results for all kind of skins. I would recommend you to start with Elite Serum, a little pricey, but have been proven to work for almost everybody.

Elite Serum has a great offer right now, you can do a one time purchase, or you can subscribe to the monthly replenishment and save 33%, with the benefits of cancelling anytime, no strings attached.

So now it’s up to you to decide what exactly is the best eye cream for puffiness you should start using today. I have bought all of them for friends and family just to see the results myself, and they work. Whatever you choose, please, let us know, and share your results so we can help others make the right decision.

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