Puffiness Under Eyes

When my mom turned 45, it was the first time I ever heard her saying: “Oh my god, I’m getting older”. She was looking at herself in the mirror, putting her face back, then she looked at me and said: I have bags under my eyes, I have never had that, that means I’m going downhill. That was when I started looking for the best cream for puffiness under eyes, and after many tests, on different people, I came with a list of what I consider, based on results, the Best Eye Creams for Puffiness.

Puffiness Under EyesSadly, my mom is not the only human being who sees her face changing with years, that’s a fact of life. That is why is so important to take care of our body since we are young. If we look after our skin, our food, our health we surely can delay the aging rate.

Without question, mild swelling and puffiness under eyes are signs of aging. Remember, as you age, the tissues around eyes and the muscles that support your eyelid weaken. Fluids and fat tend to accumulate underneath your eyes, creating a puffy and inflamed appearance.

Puffiness under eyes, when you age, is not the same as when you are young and don’t sleep too much. Sometimes your puffiness is due to genetics causes, and when this is the main reason, it’s more difficult to eliminate.

Bags or puffiness under eyes have a bunch of causes, usually this problem come along with dark circles under eyes. A good diet not only has a huge impact in your health, but also in your general appearance. Even though when bags under eyes are not a medical condition, or something to worry about, it can affect you by making you look tired, aged and dawn.

Is Surgery The Best Way To Solve Puffy Eyes?

Nowadays is very popular to solve this problem with the cosmetic procedure called Blepharoplasty. This is great, but I think that is meant to people with very visible bags under eyes.

In my opinion, and I’m not a doctor, but for what I know, the recovery is long and it takes time for bruises to disappear. As I always say, is safer and smarter to go first for a simple solution, if it doesn’t work, then take the risk.

Eyelid Surgery is not the only way to eliminate puffiness and make you look younger. There are other ways and less expensive alternatives, that might be worth a shot. Home remedies for dark circles can help, but you will need to dedicate too much time to it if you do just that. So, the perfect solution is to look for good creams or serums to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

Try Creams For Puffiness Under Eyes First

This part of the process can be exhausting, because of course, you don’t want to spend your money in something that won’t work. There are millions of products that claim to be the best, and don’t do anything.

I created a list of the best eye creams I consider that can really help you to specifically get rid of  puffiness under eyes. I say “particularly” because eye creams and serums are generally an all in one package, they are supposed to treat all your eyes problems. The ones that I mention can help for others purpose, but are made specifically for reducing puffiness.

Check what are the Best Eye Creams for Puffiness.

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