Green Coffee Bean Extract Results – Week 1

This is the beginning of our second experiment using Green Coffee Bean Extract. A couple of months ago my boyfriend tried for the first time green coffee extract, and he had amazing results. As it was our first time with this particular supplement we didn’t make articles updating the results each week.

My boyfriend finally agreed to let me share with you the whole process of taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, and posting his photos. He is currently working a lot, that means he doesn’t have time to exercise. So he will be eating healthy, cutting some calories but nothing drastic. I’m very excited with this article, I have my own guinea pig.

Diets Are Not Only To Look Great

Not always going on a diet has to do with an esthetical purpose. Not everybody diet because they want to look nice and to fit in their size 4 Prom dress. If you think so, you are completely mistaken. Sometimes diet and exercises are practically of vital importance to maintain a good health.

Green Coffee Beans Extract has already showed us that it can do what it claims without going on a super diet or killing yourself at the gym. Thanks to Green Coffee Bean Extract David lost 13 pounds and reduced his cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

High Cholesterol and Health

Sometimes people don’t get how dangerous can be high cholesterol, and how it’s double dangerous in young people. Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol enhance the risk of developing heart diseases and arteries problems. Too much cholesterol in your blood can cause your vessels to harden. If your blood flow is blocked and cannot arrive to your heart, this can provoke a heart attack.

David’s Story

David is 28 years old, he is not overweight in fact I don’t like when he loses more than 10 pounds. He is short and when this happen, he looks like he is thirteen years old.

The only time we made a very strict and I have to admit, hard diet was last year. We normally eat everything, at night we are more careful and we almost always eat vegetables and protein, but we always take ice-cream because we are addicts to it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

David Gained 20 Pounds Last Year

Last year we were disorganized concerning our eating habits. The result was… I ended up gaining 10 pounds which was good for me because I was too thin, but not as good for him. He went from 145 to 165.

David was feeling sleepy and was uncomfortable with his weight. We decided to do some blood tests to know how was everything going. David’s tests showed high cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The doctor recommended to go on a very strict diet ASAP.

He cut many meals, meats, sugar, carbohydrates. And he had to take omega 3, 6 and 9, and exercise a lot to get back in shape as soon as possible. After all that, in three months he lowered his cholesterol and triglycerides levels. I have to say that I admire the willpower, constancy and commitment he showed in those difficult months. After 3 month I begged him to stop, he was looking too thin for his height.

He Used This And It Works

Join David And Share Your Results

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After a while he started gaining weight again and then we came out with the idea of Green Coffee Extract for the first time. After his first round with Coffee Green Beans Extract he lost 13 pounds, but he couldn’t maintain it because he has been under too much pressure at work, and you should know that anxiety is an enemy of weight loss.

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract Again?

First of all because it worked surprisingly well the first time, and also because Green Coffee Bean Extract seems to be the best supplement you can find these days, without any side effects.

It’s believed that this supplement could prevent diabetes, and also, recent experiments has shown that after taking Green Coffee, bad cholesterol levels decrease.

With this article we’re starting our own Green Coffee Extract experiment. Updates will be posted each week. No exercises, no extract diet, only Green Coffee Bean Extract. Stay tuned! Subscribe!

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