Green Coffee Extract – Coffee and Weight Loss

Recently, moms and everybody in general is crazy about the new weight loss supplement called Green Coffee Bean Extract. After Dr Oz dedicated one of his famous episodes to an experiment with this supplement, you can hear about coffee and weight loss everywhere. Green Coffee Extract is the most sold and efficient diet supplement of the year, together with Raspberry Ketone.

We finally have a weight loss supplement that doesn’t work as a placebo effect.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract – How Is It Not Just Coffee?

Green Coffee Extract as the word suggest it, is the extract from unroasted raw coffee bean. Many people think that caffeine is the ingredient that has the slimming properties, and which promotes the weight loss properties.

What people doesn’t know is that Green Coffee Beans contain 25% less caffeine than your regular morning coffee cup. This means that you don’t need to be afraid of taking this supplement because it doesn’t cause the same effects of roasted coffee. You won’t experience symptoms like restlessness, jittering or anxiety.

Why Do You Lose Weight With Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee
Recent studies, made scientist to suspect that was the chlorogenic acid present in Green Coffee Beans what was provoking the weight loss. Chlorogenic Acid is a natural antioxidant present in plants, and it has the property of delaying the oxidation of food.

Chlorogenic acid promotes weight loss by reducing the absorption of fat and reducing insulin to improve metabolic function. Green Coffee Extract starts immediately burning those extra pounds you have, faster. It also makes it harder for sugar to release into your bloodstream. When this happens your body doesn’t have the opportunity to transform glucose into fat storage.

What makes Coffee Beans So Good?

Besides helping you losing weight, there are also many testimonies about how good this antioxidant supplement has been for other problems like, fatigue, sleepiness, weakness, etc.

What makes this Green Coffee Bean Extract the greatest supplement is, that several experiments has shown, that even without exercising, I mean zero exercise, or going on a diet, you lose weight.
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How to take Coffee Bean Extract

  • 400 mg three times a day, before each meal
  • Taking 200 mg has shown good results as well

Things to look when you buy Coffee Bean Extract

When purchasing this product you have to be extra careful. Many people pretend to sell effective and Pure Coffee Bean Extracts, when, what they really sell are fake supplements. Don’t get robbed; don’t get fooled with words like, “Raw” or “Pure”.

When looking for a weight loss supplement and specifically for Coffee Beans Extract, make sure that Chlorogenic acid extract shows in the list of ingredients. It may appear as:

  • GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) or
  • Svetol

Is important for your supplement to have at least 45% Chlorogenic acid or more. If it doesn’t have this percentage of the ingredient or more, it won’t show any result at all.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Works – I Saw It

He Used This And It Works

He’s Using This Product
100% Natural – It Works

Many people are still skeptical about diet supplements and scams. Others are too afraid of side effects to try them. I can assure coffee and weight loss is a real combination. Green Coffee Bean Extract is not a scam. I haven’t tried because I can’t tolerate caffeine, but my boyfriend did, and the results were great! He lost more than 13 pounds the first round. Started at 165 pounds, and a month later, he was 153.

He doesn’t let me show the photos from the first round, but he’s about to start the 2nd, which I’m not happy at all because I like how he’s now, but he’s stubborn and want to do it. He’s letting me show the new pictures, so stay tuned, subscribe, so you get the updates. Wish us luck!

Check the first week of Green Coffee Bean Extract experiment.

Coffee Beans Extract, replenish your body with strength and vitality, this supplement is all you need to be able to eat without feeling you guilty. Coffee antioxidants, coffee and weight loss, who would have thought this could be possible a few years ago. Green Coffee Extract is amazing.

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