8 Home Remedies For Dark Circles

As you grow older your skin start going downhill. You start getting crow’s-feet, fine lines, bags under eyes, dark circles under eyes. The lack of collagen is one of the causes of all aging signs. It’s also blamed for making thinner your under eyes skin, which makes blood vessels visible and gives you the appearance of dark shadows under eyes. Luckily for us, there are home remedies for dark circles.

Surely, aging is not the only cause related with dark eye circles. You probably know about common causes like: poor sleep, stress, bad alimentation, allergies, lack of iron, anemia, medications, high consumption of caffeine and alcohol, smoking, thin skin under eyes, and of course the most common and difficult to get rid of, heredity.

There are many ways to get rid of dark circles. Choices can vary from home remedies for dark circles, to the most expensive medical procedures. You can also find costly eye creams and serums, but also good products at fair and reasonable prices.

My two favorite products, which have proven to be excellent because of their results are: Skin Complex and Elite Serum. What I love the most about these products is their strong combination of natural ingredients.

Besides using eye creams and serums, is important to not forget home remedies are always a wonderful help.

My Favorites Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Crushed Almonds and Milk - Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles#1 – Crushed Almonds And Milk

Make a paste of crushed almonds and milk, put it in your face for 20 minutes.

Simple, right? I noticed that this home remedy has lightened my face and my dark circles under eyes. I love it.

Milk, Honey and Papaya

#2 – Milk, Honey And Papaya

Combine milk, honey and papaya to make a mask. Papaya has become very famous as a skin lightening because it contains papain, a natural enzyme that promote skin renewal and cell turnover.

I strongly recommend using papaya soap. It’s an excellent skin lightening. It might dry your skin a little, but combine it with argan oil, and magic will be done.

Popular Home Remedies For Dark circles

Cucumbers can Reduce Dark Circles

#3 – Cucumbers

Cucumber slices can help sooth irritated eyes, dark circles and puffiness.

Cut cucumber slices and apply them on closed eyes while laying down. Cucumber can treat dark circles under eyes because the freshness it provides is excellent for blood vessels and eliminating puffiness. Cold cucumber slices avoid blood vessels to show beneath under eyes skin.

Potato Slices for Dark Circles

#4 – Potatoes

Another excellent remedy to get rid of dark eye circles is potato.

Place a potato slice under your eyes for 15 minutes. Make sure it’s cold, because that way, it will bring better results.

If you do this home remedy frequently, you can eliminate completely your dark eye circles. Potato has an enzyme (Catecholase) found in many skin whitening products with excellent lightening properties.

Tomato and Lemon Reduces Dark Circles

#5 – Tomato, Lemon and Flour

Use a teaspoon of natural tomato juice, a teaspoon of lemon juice and flour. Mix them and apply them on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse it off.

Tomatoes contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron. Iron deficiency could cause dark eye circles. It causes poor blood circulation which give the dark color under your eyes. It’s important to mention that lemon is a natural skin lightening.

Turmeric, Milk and Fluor reduces dark circles

#6 – Turmeric, Milk and Flour

This mask is very used in oriental countries, is a whitening mask and gives a natural and beautiful glow to your skin. Is recommended to use it only twice a month.

Put together one teaspoon of turmeric, one of flour and milk, make a thick paste and put it in your face for 15 minutes.

Turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, works excellent for blemish, marks, dark circles, spots, etc.

Tea Bags - Excellent Home Remedies for Dark Eyes

#7 – Tea Bags

Don’t throw away your tea bags after you prepare your great tea. Use those tea bags under your eyes, the caffeine in tea bags can help eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

This is one of the most popular home remedy for dark circles, and doesn’t require any extra cost. You can refresh yourself while enjoying a great cup of tea.

Eye Complex For Dark Circles

#8 – Eye cream with Vitamin K and C

Shouldn’t really be included in a list of home remedies for dark circles, as they are creams, but I thought it was vital to mention it. Those two vitamins are very important to help you treat your dark circles under eyes.

Vitamin K diminish dark circles and Vitamin C reduces fine lines.

My favorite, and the one I’m currently using is Eye Complex, from Civant Skin Care. Love it!

Many Home Remedies For Dark Circles, Which One Will You Use?

As you can see there is plenty of home remedies to fade away those annoying dark circles under eyes. It might not be the fastest way to solve the problem, but can help creams and others products to do their job.

My suggestion is to get a good eye cream, or serum to eliminate your dark circles and apply it before going to bed. Sleep in it, is important to let the ingredients work. Try at least 3 times a week, one of these home remedies, be prepared to see your dark circles gone forever.

If you’re currently using any of these home remedies for dark circles, or even if it’s something else, please share it! Good luck.

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