What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

Known as Tired Eyes, dark circles under eyes is a condition that affects many women and men. It can affect people of all ages, and the causes can vary. From signs of aging to lifestyles choices. Getting rid of dark circles can be exhausting. First, is crucial to know what causes dark circles under eyes, to determine, what’s the best way to treat them is.

In cases where heredity is the cause, it is even harder to get rid of then. I’m not going to lie you, maybe it is possible your dark circles could fade away a little, but trust me, your concealer would be your best ally against this condition.

What Causes Dark Circles Under EyesDepending on the causes, dermatologists have suggested different treatments. Some simple and affordable, others expensive and aggressive. Most of the time, we need to go over many products before finding the right one. Not all products act equally for all skin types and remember the causes can be different.

My question is, are you ready to get on board of this long trip? I’m going to give you the best recommendations and show you the best products I know for sure that work for this condition.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Heredity (Skin under eyes is very thin. If your skin is so transparent you can see through it your blood vessels, stay away of the sun, because it weakens your skin)
  • Allergies, Asthma and Eczema (This conditions cause itching, which contribute to dark circles, also some foods can make it worse)
  • Medications (specifically those that causes blood vessels to dilate)
  • Nutrition (Lack of nutrients like Vitamin K, A and Iron, can lead to discoloration of the under eye area)
  • Fatigue, lack of sleep
  • Pregnancy and menstruation (the skin get pale in those stages)
  • Aging
  • Bad blood circulation
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking, alcohol, caffeine

Dark Circles Under Eyes and Bags Under Eyes are very good friends

Dark circles in most cases don’t come alone, they usually enjoy the companion of inflammation, and bags under eyes.

This problem gets worse as you age. Also salty foods can increase bags under eyes, because it provokes fluid retention. Other causes are allergies, hormone changes, alcohol, too much sleeping, sleep in your makeup, stress, etc.

Treating Different Causes Of Dark Circles

#1 – Affordable Eye Cream

If the causes of your dark circle are, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, stress, poor sleep, lack of nutrients, you may want consider creams with a minimum percent of hydroquinone or even better, natural skin whitening ingredients like Licorice Extract and Kojic Acid, also Vitamin C and K. I recommend in this case Eye Complex.

#2 – Surgery (avoid at all cost)

For people with too thin skin under the eyes, aging signs, bag under eyes and puffiness there are popular treatments like: Fat injections, IPL (intense pulsed light), Hyaluronic acid facial filler, laser resurfacing, chemical peel and Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. This solutions are very drastic, so please, always make sure you do it with a good doctor, because it not always turns out good. Here is a successful surgery.

#3 – Breakthrough of 2012 – Elite Serum

For the same causes mentioned above and also, to treat all kind of sign aging like bags under eyes, crow feet, puffy eyes, my first and favorite option is called Elite Serum.

Elite Serum is a great products, risk free, completely safe and with specials ingredients that no other eye cream has.

Not Magic But There Are Solutions

Dark circles under eyes can be very annoying and difficult to get rid of, don’t think this is going to be magical or fast as you want, and remember skin takes time absorbing all those creams ingredients.

So now that you know what causes dark circles under eyes, if you ask me what the best solution is, I will always recommend to try whatever you have before going for a surgery, or other expensive and aggressive treatment. Not all cases are satisfactory, always go from simplest to complex, and that is not a recommendation, that is just common sense.

Elite Serum is a great choice, visit elite serum official website to learn more.

2 thoughts on “What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes

  1. sevegia mitchner says:

    i am looking for something simple and not so expensive i have very sensative shim i have try to product to help take away the bags and dark circle . but the only think is it put a rash around my eye. and it was actually had my eye’s burning. so then the white part of my eye’s were all red like i had a bad case of the pink eye. so i really need so that will help me but also not irratated my skin

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