Argan Oil By More Magazine – October 2012

More Magazine’s October Issue is featuring Essence of Argan as one of the Top 5 recommended Argan Oil products to use for anti-aging purpose. The article, written by Beth Thompson and entitled “Liquid Assets”, gives us an overview about the also known as Liquid Gold. Salma Hayek, who is the cover of this issue, has publicly declare many times, that she uses Argan Oil.

More, one of the most successful and read magazines by women of all ages, also talks about other well known brands like: Elizabeth Grant, Kiehl, Clarins,and Decleor Paris.

More magazine is not the only one releasing articles about the miracles of Argan Oil. People and Us, have also tried to educate readers about Argan Oil benefits and results.

Even when there are thousands of articles saying argan oil is wonderful, not only in the internet, but also in beauty magazines, people are still skeptical about applying oil directly into their skin. But you will be enlightened today, just stay with us.

Essence of Argan

Essence of Argan feauture in More Magazine’s October 2012 Issue

Argan Oil

Essence of Argan feauture in More Magazine’s October 2012 Issue

Why are some people skeptical about Argan Oil while others can’t live without it?

No matter how many times we, “Beauty Bloggers” explain that Argan Oil is the most complete and unique product, people can’t still put their fears aside.

The most common questions about Argan Oil are:

Is it safe to apply oil directly into the skin?

The answer is yes, yes and yes. If you don’t trust us, ask your dermatologist, or even simpler, check Argan Oil composition.

What makes this oil even better than all those expensive anti-aging creams and treatments is that Argan Oil is completely NATURAL. No harmful ingredients, no irritation, no reactions at all. There is no possible way that Argan Oil would do anything other than improve how your skin looks like.

With a significant composition of 80% of essential fatty acids, this oil is sensational, and we haven’t even mentioned antioxidants yet.

Carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants presents in Argan Oil.

How antioxidants work in our skin?

Antioxidants are nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that repair and prevent damages in your body’s tissues. They prevent and inhibit the effect of free radicals, which lead to oxidation, therefore to cell-dysfunction.

Antioxidants block the effects of free radicals, that is why is so important to replenish our body with them constantly. They protect our skin from aging, encourage the cells and tissues growth, and also help fighting fine lines and wrinkles.

Antioxidants are pro-health. They help fight wrinkles, disease and even cancer. [Dr. Oz]

Does Argan Oil really work for acne?

To be completely honest, this is one of the most exciting results I have seen from Argan Oil. I want to dedicate a new article particularly to this topic, because I have to say that I’m in shock after seeing by myself how Argan Oil treats acne in just days. Just one word “unbelievable”.

Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it controls and reduce the sebum production which lead to reducing acne.

Is Argan Oil a scam?

This is another important point to mention. I consider myself very careful and distrustful over all when it comes to enter my credit card in a web site. That is why I’m very careful when I make a review. I don’t only suggest what I think would be the best of all products I know, I also make sure you’ll be putting your money in good hands.

Tested, Works, Happy, Addicted

Essence of Argan moisturizes, clean and gives you the glow of a new skin. Argan Oil is practically used for all parts of your body, for hands, knees, elbows, feet. Argan Oil also treats skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and stretch marks.

Argan Oil is simple amazing, is about time to replace all those skin products you have for only one bottle capable of doing all the work by itself. Argan Oil, and more precisely Essence of Argan won’t let you down. “Trust Argan Oil”, is a wise way to think.

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