Argan Oil – Best Argan Oil To Buy

You are here because you heard about the big buzz around Argan Oil. You, like many other people are asking yourself, is this for real? Does Argan Oil really work? Is it what it claims to be? Once you decide you want it, all questions change. Now you want to know, what’s the best argan oil product? Where can you buy Argan Oil? What company is trustworthy? What company offers the best price, quality and customer service?

Get the best out of your hard earned money

When it comes to invest our money, we are very careful, it doesn’t matter if it’s something cheap, we just don’t like to throw our money, to waste our hard work and effort for nothing. We all love to pay less and get the best.

There are too many products out there, the competence is huge, so, we only need to be patient, to find among the best, the best of the best.

Where Can You Buy Argan OilGreat price/quality relationship is extremely important. Many people tend to think that if they are not paying too much for something, they are not getting a good product, sadly most of the time that is true.

My purpose today is to introduce you to the best Argan Oil products in the market. One thing to keep in mind when buying Argan Oil, which is very important, is to be sure that the product you are getting is 100% raw, pure Argan Oil.

Many companies claim to have raw and pure Argan Oil, but at the end you find out they are using a bunch of others ingredients, be careful, don’t get robbed. The only way to obtain all the benefits from Argan Oil is if it’s pure.

Argan Oil is an expensive product, but also is the best and more complete product you can find. Now that winter is approaching, you probably want to have a good moisturizer when the temperature goes really low. Argan Oil is a highly effective moisturizer. I recommend you to have ready your bottle of Argan Oil to put in your hands, elbows, and to massage your body, especially at this time of the year.

Many people think that all Argan Oil product are the same thing, that’s not true and those who have had the privilege to try several of them can tell.

Best Argan Oil Products to Buy

#1 – Essence of Argan

I’m completely in love with this company and with their wonderful product. Essence of Argan is the best Argan Oil I have tried so far. Its consistency is unique, not too thin, neither too thick. Is completely natural, organic, raw, pure Argan Oil.

Essence of Argan has gained quite a reputation, their product is among the best. Not in vain they are in the top lists. Essence of Argan is extraordinary for every part of your body. You won’t have any complains, and remember, completely natural.

#2 – Josie Maran Argan Oil

Josie Maran is a wonderful Argan Oil to try, is excellent to relieve sore muscle and works sensationally for massages. Its thick and oily constitution makes it great for massages and to relive your body from stress and sores.

Though I don’t recommend this in particular for hair. Don’t get me wrong Argan Oil is great for hair, but what happen is that Josie Maran is too thick, your hair will be oily after using it. I suggest, if you have oily hair, use it as a hair treatment, and then rinse it out.

#3 – Eden Allure Argan Oil

This is great for hands and hair, is also good for cuticles. Eden Allure gets absorbed very quick and is less thick than others. It’s amazing for hair and has shown wonderful results treating splits ends and dry and damaged hair.

Eden Allure can be used on heels, elbows, knees. The only down side is that is said it’s not completely pure Argan Oil, but still is a good product and has shown very good results. This might not be the right product for those that are looking organic and pure Argan Oil.

#4 – Pura D’or Argan Oil

This product is good like almost any Argan Oil but seems not to be completely 100% pure Argan Oil. Works good for face, skin, body, because absorbs quickly, but is not so good for hair.

Pura D’or Argan Oil is good if you don’t want to pay too much. Is not as expensive as others considering the amount, but I would particularly pay a little more even for less if the product is 100% natural.

#5 – Shea Terra

Is a good purchase, great for multiple purpose. It has become very popular, not only because it has a very good and effective shipping policy, but also because is less expensive and is a good product.

Shea Terra Organics has a fair shipping policy, without delay or any other problems. The quality is very good, great for hair, nails and face.


Those are my top 5 favorites, the best argan oil products in the market. There are many others I can’t talk about because I haven’t tried them yet, but these are great products. Now that you decided to buy Argan Oil, I must tell you, don’t think you are buying an oil and that’s it, buying Argan Oil means buying youth, soft skin, amazing hair, buying Argan Oil means to buy life.

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