Skin Lightening Cream – What’s the best – Meladerm?

Melanin Defines Skin Tones

Melanin is what Defines Skin Tones

Nowadays you see people talking about Skin Lightening Cream, Skin Whitening Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Skin Bleaching Cream. But what is all that buzz about?

Melanin is what determines our skin tone, it’s also found in our hair and eyes. It’s at the same time this pigment, the one in charge of protecting us from UV rays and skin cancer. But sometimes due to acne, scars or aging, our skin produces more melanin in certain spots. That’s the reason why we get those annoying skin marks we all hate, the marks we feel so insecure about.

How to reduce melanin in our skin?

Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening for Even and Clean Skin

Well, I kind of spoiled it at the beginning of this article, the answer is indeed Skin Lightening Cream, Skin Whitening Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Skin Bleaching Cream.

From the marketing side they all promise great results, which is not far from the reality, but be careful.

The most harmful chemical you can find in a skin lightening or bleaching cream is hydroquinone. Hydroquinone can lower your melanin too much and make you vulnerable to UV rays. So whatever you are going to use, check that it doesn’t have hydroquinone.

Meladerm Skin Lightening, NO hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or parabens

Meladerm Skin Lightening claims to be a very good product, and most important, seems to be perfectly safe. Meladerm works controlling the skin’s melanin formation, and can help with acne marks, old scars, dark spots, even skin discoloration. Meladerm Skin Lightening is made of safe ingredients and is dermatologically tested. It also reduces the appearance of dark eye circles.

I can’t confirm that Meladerm Skin Lightening works, as I haven’t tested it yet. But I’m definitely getting it, probably this week. I found a great offer here, they offer a 30 Day Money Back option, so I will just get it and see how it goes.

Meladerm Skin Lightening

Meladerm Skin Lightening

I’m getting Meladerm Skin Lightening because my biggest problem is the black eye circles. This is a problem I have tried to solve in so many ways and honestly, until today, my only solution has been my concealer.

I’m young so I don’t have any marks from aging, and luckily, I don’t have acne neither, but my dark eye circles kills me.

I heard very good opinions about Meladerm Skin Lightening from two friends of my mom. They said this is the only Skin Lightning Cream that has worked for them so far, so I think it’s worth to try it. Either way, I have nothing to lose, Meladerm Skin Lightening have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee policy, so if it doesn’t work for me, I can just return it.

So because of what they told me, I decided to do some research about Meladerm Skin Lightening. I also checked lot of other Skin Lightening products but at the end, everything led me to Meladerm. So yes, I’ll go for it, there is no doubt about it.

I’ll be taking images of my eyes before and after using Meladerm, and I’ll be writing a new article with the results.

Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening

Likas Papaya Herbal Skin Lightening Soap

Likas Papaya Herbal Skin Lightening Soap

This Skin Lightening soap is very, very good. You can see the results in just a few weeks. The only downside about Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening is that it dries your skin too much. If you are going for it, my advice is to get a good moisturizer for your face. Check here some recommendations about How to choose the Best Moisturizer.

Likas Papaya Soap is the best soap I have tried for Skin Lightening. Honestly, I saw the results in only one week.

I said before that Likas Papaya Soap shows results in a few weeks, that was just to be safe. You know, results are different for everybody. But for me, it was one week. Only one, it was a happy ending, well, not ending, because I’m still using Likas Papaya Soap.

I got this one first, because it’s the cheapest Skin Lightening among the options I’m mentioning here today. Probably that was the best decision, with Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening, my dark eye circles are gone.

Anyway, if what you want is fast results, and don’t overpay for it, check more reviews and prices about Likas Papaya Soap for Skin Lightening here

POND’S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream, For Normal to Oily Skin

POND'S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream

POND’S Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream

I love this product, I have seen the results from very close. My friend use to have these dark spots in both sides of her forehead and they disappeared after she started using this skin lightening cream. It worked fast and the results where amazing. Since that moment, I always recommend it.

Check more reviews and prices here

Bleaching creams, keep them away!

I don’t recommend at all using Skin Bleaching Creams. If you have sensitive skin don’t try it, can be harmful for you.

There are many expensive and “safe” skin bleaching creams, but I really suggest to stay away from them. There are many other ways to make your skin beautiful and healthy without using the word bleach.

I have read very bad reviews about bleaching creams, so please, if you don’t want to mess up your face get away from this.

Bottom line – Don’t be afraid of using Skin Lightening Creams

Don’t be afraid of using this creams, just read what is in it and if you think it’s too much chemicals, just look for some home remedies. There are a lot of them, maybe they are not as effective but they work as well, I can guarantee you.

Check more info about Skin Lightening Creams here.

3 thoughts on “Skin Lightening Cream – What’s the best – Meladerm?

  1. laura says:

    I used the Ponds one and it did nothing for me 😦 Then I got one online at beyas called Monsia whitening cream and so far it has faded my sun spots quite a bit, which is a good start. SO far it’s the only one that has!

  2. noorabdm says:

    my name is noorabdm and I want meladerm skin whitening cream but I belong very poor family and your products are very expensive so I can’t buy but I realy want this cream so please help me so please can you tell me how can buy this cream and I am very hopeful to you because I wish I use this cream so please please please please please please please help me I request to you please do some thing

    • Hello noorabdm, I understand how much you want Meladerm Skin Lightening. This is really the best skin lightening cream you can find these days. Unfortunately, what you’re asking is not in my hands. I’ll forward your request, but I can’t promise anything. I really hope you find a way to get it.

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