Bio Ionic Hair Straightening

Hi guys, I’m finally back to share with you my experience about the Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment

First of all… be extremely careful with this product!!!! I MEAN IT, extremely careful.

Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment is a super strong product, that means, if you have ever bleached your hair, or dyed it too many times, please keep this Bio Ionic away from you, because it will ruin your hair like it did to me.

My Friend’s Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Experience… Excellent!

Last weekend I got ready to apply Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment to my friend.

Results after applying Bio Ionic Hair Treatment on a HEALTHY HAIR

She has wavy hair, but she had never bleached her hair, meaning that her hair is strong, not as damaged as mine. It took a few hours but it was worth it.

The product went incredibly well on her hair, now it’s shiny and the waves are gone, now she really has a very straight hair, it looks amazing. We were very excited about it, I wanted that for me too! But we waited until the next day to do it, because it takes a lot of time to get it done.

My Experience with Bio Ionic Hair Straightening… Well, not so good

I didn’t see it under the microscope, but I’m sure it was even worse!

So the following day we applied it on my hair. Unfortunately I didn’t have the same luck. For me the results were completely the opposite. My hair was ruined, I had to run out to the hairdresser and cut it very short, and still, it’s very, very damaged.

Last Sunday I made a big, a huge mistake.

I don’t know what happened because I always do it, but I forgot to make the strand test (A preliminary test given before coloring, or treating on a single strand of hair). I always do it, even if I’m dyeing my hair with the same products, I just do it to be completely sure.

This girl’s hair looks better that mine after Bio Ionic.
But remember, this happened to me because my hair was extremely damaged.
Bio Ionic Hair Treatment WORKS GREAT!

This was a huge and regrettable mistake. I thought Bio Ionic Hair Straightening was going to work well for me. After seeing the amazing results in my friend’s hair, I just completely forgot the strand test.

You should learn from my experience and do what I say and not what I did, that’s why I’m sharing my chaos with you. Despite everything, I think Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment is a great product, it worked really well in my friend’s hair, I would definitely recommend it.

My advice for you is the same I learned myself, never, ever forget to do the strand test, much less if you are dealing with a chemically treatment you don’t know too much. If your hair is damaged, or bleached, always search for someone else’s experiences with the product, and even if you find that you can use it, never forget the strand test, that will avoid you a terrible fright.

If you’re reading this, it’s because of one of these three reasons:

  1. You are planning to use Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment. In which case, don’t be afraid, just make sure you do the strand test first and you’ll be fine. You’ll love the results. It would be great if you follow us and come back to share your results.
  2. You already did it and it went great, so you want to share your results. That’s great! I have seen the results, so I’m sure you’re more than happy with your hair.
  3. You did it and it went bad, I’m sorry to hear that. But don’t worry, there are solutions. Remember it happened to me. Just check this post about How to Repair your Damaged Hair and please, share with us what you did, so others don’t run the same luck we did.

9 thoughts on “Bio Ionic Hair Straightening

  1. Mary J says:

    Yeah…I think I’ll go for the strand test first after reading this! I’m not too fond of submitting my hair to strong chemicals like the ones in these products…sounds terribly damaging.
    My sister got a Cocoa Keratin smoothing treatment and she seems perfectly happy with her hair. It looks great and it uses less chemicals than most….I MIGHT consider getting this one for my crazy hair. It looks very safe and the post treatment includes keratin also which is beneficial for hair.

    But I’m still doubting whether to get the bio ionic or cocoa keratin :/

    • Mary, I think both options are great. You’ll be happy, guarantee. But please, don’t forget the strand test. Bio Ionic Hair Straightening works great! My friend’s hair is still looking great, after more than a month. Cocoa Keratin is also good, though I haven’t try it yet. But still, the strand test is required, ALWAYS. I know of people that went through bad experiences using Keratin.
      Anyway, GOOD LUCK! You’ll love it. Would be great if you share your results after you do it. Thanks!

  2. Grace says:

    I just tried Cocoa Keratin and I am very happy with it! This is my second keratin treatment and they have both been great.

    • Hi Grace, it’s great to know you had a great experience with it and that you’re happy with the results. I’m sure that will help other readers in the future. As I haven’t try that Keratin Treatment yet, I can’t compare it to Bio Ionic Hair Straightening. But is good to know that it works great.

  3. I’ve been performing Bio Ionic straightenings since 2005. The Bio Ionic system is pretty damn amazing! What my clients like about it is that unlike some of the other thermal reconditioning straightenings, your hair will still retain body. You can also still get it to bend and curl which is awesome because with some of the others, you can only wear it straight, straight, straight – it hangs but won’t do anything else.
    Here’s a link to my website which should give you more info about it:

    • Hello Blair, so you are performing Bio Ionic Hair Straightening Treatment? Have you seen any other cases like mine? Well, I guess you’re a professional and you know when to apply it and when not.
      Is true that Bio Ionic Hair Straightening works, you just need to be careful.

  4. Hi Laura,
    Luckily I have not seen any cases like yours but remember, I took more than one class, worked with a mentor and also flew to Beverly Hills to work one-on-one with the national educator. Knowing what I know, I don’t ever recommend a do-it-yourself straightening. Once you get into doing this on colored hair, there are all sorts of different timings as well as different protective products that get applied diffrerently in different areas of the hair.
    I am sorry you had a negative experience. I hope you got a really cute short cut and that it looked great!!!

    • Thank you Blair. Yes I took that short cut, lol. I love my hair, but I have to say, everything happen for a reason.
      My experience with Bio Ionic Hair Straightening was no good, but for my friend was amazing. So I agree with you, it definitely works! And you’re right, it would be better to get it done by a professional, than a do-it-yourself.
      When I stepped into the salon and showed them the Bio Ionic Hair Straightening box, they opened their eyes real big, and told me that was a very powerful product.
      So for those that like to experiment, and do all by themselves, I really, really recommend to be extra careful with Bio Ionic Hair Straightening. It works and you can do it, but do the strand test first, that’s VERY IMPORTANT.
      Once you do the strand test, if your hair looks nice, then go for it. Bio Ionic Hair Straightening works! You’ll be very pleased with the results. If you rather to go for the safest choice, then get Bio Ionic Hair Straightening done by a professional.

  5. renu says:

    My hairs are very black and oily from root and dry from bottom so i thought to go for smoothebning and i have been advised by hair adviser to use bio ionic products for hairsmoothening iam not happy and not satisfied that way it has been deal with there was no test
    as i havent use any color nothing on my hair before still there is no shine in my hair any more hair fall is almost double any i found are hair are looking very very thin
    iam not satisfied with the products 🙂

    i am extremely disappointed

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