Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment, that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about hair straightened.

Well guys, today I’m going to be writing about a very important subject for those who have read my blog, it’s going to be… what products can I use to get my hair permanently straightened and get rid of frizz? Thinking about Keratin Treatment, right? Well, maybe… what would you suggest?

As you may know, this season of the year is terrible, awful for the hair, at least that’s what happens to me. So even having a straight hair, I’m hoping for a miracle that could save my day every morning when I wake up.

I have to say that I have found very good hair products but nothing drastic nor definitive as I want. All Moroccan products are amazing, I definitely recommend them, but even when they are extraordinary, they only work if you style your hair.

I’m looking for something that could heal my hair, something that will allow me get rid of hair dryer and straightener iron and still have a great shiny and silky hair. I have been looking everywhere, constantly, over two weeks and I concluded that I’m going to do some Keratin Treatment, Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning. I had it done once and worked very well, the problem is that I don’t know the brand the hairdresser used.

Keratin Treatment, Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning?

After browsing and reading a lot, I found some interesting options, I’m very excited about it, that’s why I’m writing before getting it done. I’m going to do it all by myself and that’s another reason why I’m so nervous. I’m going to upload a video about the procedure, and after that you and I will be looking the results. Wish me luck.
You can see below my options, please write me if you have any thoughts. Everything points to Keratin Treatment so far, but I’m not sure yet, I’ll let you know.

[Update: 06/13/2012] I ended up using Bio Ionic Hair Straightening, the results are amazing… but unfortunatelly, not for me… Read more.
Maybe the next time I try some Keratin Treatment, but I need to wait a few months, I have done so many things to my hair that it couldn’t take it anymore, lol. Now I just need to wait.

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